AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2016 is back!

As an artist I have the interest to explore and support new type of art and artists. And no doubt that I do have interest in fashion as well (Surprise! did you know that?).

So this year I am thrilled to have the opportunity to witness one of Air Asia's most prestigious event, the official launch of AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search (AARRDS) 2016 !!

This year, the AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search (AARRDS) goes regional this year with the competition expanded to include Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines, apart from Malaysia to provide a platform for young aspiring designers from around the region to showcase their talents and help catapult them into the fashion industry. Way to go AirAsia!

 I was thrilled that I was actually in front of a fashion runway! (My first time)
I hope that I am on stage monitoring the stage XD
AARRDS was officially launched by Ms Aireen Omar, Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia Berhad in Kuala Lumpur today together with Mr Andrew Tan, Founder of KLFW RTW (Photosa below):
Ms Aireen Omar, Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia Berhad giving a speech
Mr Andrew Tan, Founder of KLFW RTW
This designer search, which is being held for the second time is in collaboration with the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready to Wear (KLFW RTW) team.

Audition rounds will be held in the dates below (I can't waittt!!):

Jakarta, Indonesia (16 April)
Manila, Philippines (23 April)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (30 April)
Singapore (7 May)
Bangkok, Thailand (14 May) 

The dates above is to discover local talents from each regional city, and the Top 3 from the respective cities will represent their country during the Grand Finale in August on the prestigious KLFW RTW 2016 runway.

This designer search is open to local or international students, 28 years of age or below, and currently studying or have graduated from fashion design schools in any of the five countries included in this search. Three (3) women’s ready-to-wear sketches inspired by Asean destinations are to be submitted with the complete registration form available at Submission deadline is by 12 April 2016.

This year's panel judges were pretty awesome as well, we have the panel of judges consisting of Aireen Omar, Andrew Tan, Vivy Yusof, Alia Bastamam and Suzie Adnan!

AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search unveiled its panel of judges consisting of Aireen Omar, Andrew Tan, Vivy Yusof, Alia Bastamam and Suzie Adnan.

Looking forward to see more new aspiring fashion artists this year! Thank you Air Asia Bloggers Community for the invitation! See you all in the finale! (Fashion mode onz!)


Seeties Gathering @ Sen of Thai

Hello everyone! How was Chinese New Year? Hope the year of Monkey is treating you well with lots of wealth!

So today I wanted to share a gathering which I wanted to be part of a few years back but I can't due to my full time job. So this year I managed to attended Seeties first ever gathering for 2016!

I always loved Thai food and finally I can indulge Thai food this year all thanks to Sen of Thai!

I am the first one to arrive so I took a few photos~
The interior is really interesting, I taught It was a coffee shop!
And here is the menu, totally resembles the coffee shops concept which you can find at the Klang Valley

I met lots of new bloggers (I am a comic blogger and I receive media kit firsthand so I rarely went out unless being invited) and finally the Seeties staff.

After around 20 mins of networking and chit chat, finally the food has arrived!! Weee!

Lots of choices! Thai style!

I present this awesome dish "Thai Baked Mussels in claypot with basil leaves"

This is one of my favorite "Steamed prawn topped with lime chili sauce"!

Not to forget this special dish "Deep-fried siakap with signature Thai chili sauce"

And finally this dish caught my eye which is the "Stir-fried broccoli with scallops"

So what's else on the table? So I have listed the rest of the dishes below:

1. Yam Spring rolls (Po Piah Tod)
2. Classic Pad Thai ( Stir Fried thai noodle)
3. Cranberry Pineapple fried rice
4. Royal Thai Loop Chop (Colorful candy)
5. Sago Honeydew
6. Tab Tim Krob ( Thai Red Ruby)
7. Crab Spring Rolls
8. Tom Yam Goong (Creamy tomyam with prawn)
9. Sizzling beef with black pepper sauce (Nuea Phad Prik Thai Dam )

Honestly the food is awesome and magnificent, I recommend to come in groups so you can fully enjoy the uniqueness of Thai food here! Last but not least, here is the group photo!

Tadaaaa! Wefie mode! 

It was a great experience and I am glad to be able to meet everyone and enjoy the delicious Thai food at Sen of Thai! If you wish to visit the restaurant, I have included the contact information below!

Sen of Thai
52, Ground Floor, Jalan SS21/58,
Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya 
(Facebook link)

Contact number:
03 - 7732 3939

Alright! That's enough for today's post! Have a great weekend ahead!

P.S. In case you are wondering, do not worry as I have not let my full time work and personal reasons get in the way of my comics and blog posts. I'm still actively drawing comics and doodles and hopefully my book will be released soon! 


Share the happiness

Chinese New Year is coming, share the happiness and learn to GIVE BACK to the people you love most.

Tips on Giving a Gift

Do remember to remove the price tag. 
A gift with a price tag is a hint to the receiver that the gift is expensive, and that the sender is expecting a gift of the equal price.

Don’t give the gift publicly, especially if giving a gift to only one person in a group (to avoid embarrassment, an appearance of favoritism, etc.).

Do not visit a recently bereaved family at Spring Festival, if the Chinese family had the funeral less than a month before Chinese New Year, as this is said to be unlucky (bringing more funerals in the coming year).

Take a pair of gifts with you, as Chinese people believe that good things should be in pairs.

So now you have it! That's the reason it's is 2 (Double Hapiness)


Inside Social Grooves (Meet the Team)

It's been a week since I am officially in the office. 

Met these extraordinary people in the office and I am feeling very young and stylo whenever I'm around this bunch!

So firstly let me introduce the people in #TeamSG (Team Social Grooves)

The Great Christopher : Also known as the TECH guy, the founder of Social Grooves and my (Fill in the blanks, its must be positive) partner. Jess wishes that I changed those two phones into "$$" sign but obviously he's power lies within that two devices which I don't know what he is up to. And I totally agree with Jess :P

JessJie : Without her, the company literally can't function well (Sometimes I think she is Chris's ulti , something like a bodyguard in terms of silent strategist). She has that awesome powerful girl power which I gladly introduce her as once of the awesome girl for International women's day (True story). Her greatest ulti is the 2016MGONNAKILLYOUifyoumess withmeGun. No one dares to know what is that gun for, but trust me, don't even ask!

Sam: The Lin Dan lover. She works very hard (Sometimes a OT-holic, #macamyestapibukan) and YES, her ulti is teleportation. With that sign , she can literally go everywhere! Even nearer to her fav Lin Dan. She can even got her VVIP seats by just teleport there. Well, besides that she can also teleport to any places she wants.

Will: So he is the sorcerer of multimedia. He has the powers to make you leng zai or leng lui and VISE VERSA (you know what I mean). His ulti is "hopefully" the pen of everything, where he can create everything out nothing. If only he can create $$ then we can do more awesome jobs and hire people right? XD

The copywriter, our company must have one (You know lah, my En Ge LISH is the bad at times). She has the belt (so if you mess with her, combines with Sam's magic LD card and  Jess's gun) no one can stand a chance! If life is like a RPG game, she recently got a +10 happiness from Macdonalds (The tray of happiness)!

The lord of finances. Okay, he manages your finances and makes sure everyone is paid. So he has that ability to hold, stop or block any money flow. So his ulti obviously is , money XD

And there you have it! The social grooves team!

Glad to be working with these bunch!

More stories and more to come!
Go go Team SG!


3 things I like about Comic Fiesta 2015

So this year I had a chance to visit Comic Fiesta 2015, the biggest convention for Anime, Comics and Games in Malaysia! All thanks to Solomon Freeman a.k.a the Godfather of Japanese culture & my awesome buddy Spinzer (Christopher) for the experience! I managed to doodle something and took a pic (see below):

Anyways, let's get to the main topic ~ Comic Fiesta happened last weekend, and it was an awesome blast! So here are 3 things I like about this year's comic fiesta!

1. Location 
Yup, this year's Comic Fiesta was held at MIECC (Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre) and to me, it was possibly one of the best locations so far. Although Day 1 was super jam and it is a bit further but still, it is still good. I can say there is a mall nearby (well, just next to it) which is the MINES mall and there are two nearby hotels to choose from.

I normally use public transport to CF, but MIECC wasn't as accessible as KLCC, but CF has made effort of have Grab Car for RM5 off (Which is good!) and KTM is just a short walk away (Serdang KTM Station) or catch the bus no 414 from the KTM station. Not top forget that there is a water taxi that will fetch you straight to the Mines!

2. We can enjoy food from food vendors! There is a Maid Cafe as well!

For the first time ever (For me), I can now visit the food vendors located upstairs (Mezzanine Floor) and grab a bite before I continue to explore Comic Fiesta! To my understanding, in the previous CFs, it wasn't common to have actual food inside the hall but this time I can see booths like Thyme Out, Sakae Sushi and many more! And not forgetting to mention La Petite Fox which had it's own room!

3. Spacious
Besides the eating area at the Mezzanine area, I really can't deny that the hall is very very VERY spacious! It can even host 2 stages! There is even more at the 2nd floor, we have 2 panel halls and....a photography area! How cool is that?

So I attended one of the panel which is the awesome I.O.E.A panel where I got to know the origin of Otaku Culture and Japanese Pop culture!

In the end...
Well, this year's CF was an eye opening for me,. After meeting Solomon, he even suggest me to open a booth (Which I missed that chance lol), but hopefully I will have a chance to open a booth and promote #kendylife to achieve world peace (wink)!

Also I met some notable people, pro gamers, cosplayers and talented artists! Maybe next time I should cosplay as pikachu and walk around asking for more photos :P
Once again I would like to thank the organisers for bringing us another mind blowing, spectacular and awesome convention this year! 

How about you?  Do share your experience in the comments below.


Making your gift personalized this Christmas! [Part2]

Remember the DIY market ( which I share with you before? I actually ordered 2 stuffs for my anniversary gifts  (Click HERE if you haven't read the previous post)

So ya, I place the 2 orders:

I don't have anything to show (Shhh... because my GF hasn't know about this yet!) . But to know how do you do DIY, you can click on the link which brings you to the previous post, its really convenient!  (Click HERE).

Tracking order:
Tracking orders is so convenient, you can always login with your account and check the status of your order! Here's mine (above image).

Within 1-3 days I received the order already (Depending on the speed type of your order). Here's a print screen of the order tracking via skynet 

So, I opened the package and guess what? The quality of the pillow I order is better than I expected! And the ceramic (11cm X 11cm) is nicely done!
Check this out, it is nicely printed!

I ordered this last month but the reason I am posting this NOW because I am planning to order for my family this Christmas and I must share my experience with all my readers out there!

And guess what? I noticed that they are having a Christmas promotion now! Head over to ( and check it out! (something like 20% of all orders!!)

Hurry up and give your loved ones a special gift made my you :) 

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