Earth Hour 2014 @ Penang!

Blessed Good Friday everyone! 

Sorry for the recent delay of the comics, I have been busying rushing my full time work as well as some freelance works, but hey, today is Friday! Time for a short update!

Today's blog post is about a trip last month to attend Earth Hour!

WWF Malaysia organized the 2014 Earth Hour Night Walk!

Another reason for me to go is I am supporting the awesome 2014 Earth Hour Tee designed by our local artist Jian

So let's go straight to the story~

Before leaving to Penang, I drew a quick doodle....

It was a long journey I the car lols XD

but I woke up to witness the NEW second bridge to the island! And it's super long!!!

After reaching Georgetown and went to eat, and I drew something and take a pic :) Nice? hehe
so the time has come !

 The stage, pretty nice

And then we still have 40 minutes to go, let's have some performance~

Drum performance

And after that, everyone gathered at Georgetown  Town Hall to witness the lights turned off!

And we are all set to walk! 
The event was crowded with people who supported the event!
The event was crowded with people who supported the event!WOAHHH sooo many people!!!!

 As the journey begins, I manage to snap a photo of this lovely candle display of the 60+

So here is the map~ started from the town hall area...
But that rains....

and yes I got wet, but it never stopped me from walking!

After the tiring wet walk, more performances awaits!

And yes, I love the samba and reggae music performances! not to forget the Jazz festival is coming! XD

Overall I had a great time there and I won a tee from answering a question! XD 

Last but not least,

A pic with Lim Guan Eng, Chief minister of Penang! XD

I was over too tired that day, but it was worth the journey!

Anyways, I shall end my quick blog update today, have a blessed Good Friday and Happy Easter Sunday!

(Lame teaser) Pssst, next week there will a comic featuring Miao&WafuPafu by Jian Goh! Stay tuned!


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Kendy :3

Nuffnang 7th Birthday Bash!

Yes!! Finally it's POSTEDDDDD! Had been struggling with my job and lotsa doodling works but I must never miss this important post (I know it's super lateee)! This year Nuffnang turns 7 (Hurray hurray!!! Yeeehawww Awwweeesomeee!....means m old liao.... sob sob...) and this year I got the license to attend to their awesome birthday bash at Barbeque Garden KL! 

So Before attending the party, i was well suited to be a James Bond Wannabe....

I wanted to try out UBER, an awesome app for you where they can pick u up and send to the the destination on a reasonable price! Visit for more info! 

My friend wanna bring me there so we drove there instead~

So finally we arrived! And yes it's awesomeee! Although that day is a little hazy but the atmosphere is happening!

#nuffnangis7 !!

Superrr Nyappieeee!

Nuffnang goodie bag!

Nuffnang has a job for me to do, we need to capture the killer and we must go through a lots of quizzes to get info to solve the puzzle. 

One of them is darts! (Well I am not really good in it but I had an awesome time)

  While tracking down the killer, I saw soooo many lovely awesome gifts on the table!!!

And well, did I caught the killer? Sadly I was so bad in the darts I was unable to get the chop sob sob...(T.T) but anyways when the evnet has started, the cake cutting ceremony was delayed because the serial killer stole the cake!!

 So where it is?

Firstly...let me take a selfie with the awesome people~ Teehee!

There are many performances and games!

*No photos because selfie moment* (Joking)

I met awesome people and yes, I drew a few of them~


Sit Muih

Christy Hii

.....Anyways~ by the end of the event

The killer was caught and we found the cake!

 super love the cake!

And yes, the group photo of all the nuffnang staffs! Honestly, I felt happy that I was with them since the early times :P

So in the end....

Let me...

Introduce you the selfie compilation!!

It was really an awesome night! 

Finally before ending this post, I would like to thank Nuffnang for the awesome opportunity! 

Here's a pic to end this post~

Happy Birthday Nuffnang! ^^

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DiGi WWWOW 2014


Got Rain, No Water

Hello everyone, it's another brand new week! 

Many of you at the Klang Valley is experiencing water shortage and The National water commission said over 300,000 households in Kuala Lumpur and nearby Selangor, will experience cuts. But recently, the rainy season is back (Hurray!!) but certain zones/ares is still facing water what happened to me...

Read on~
Okay...maybe the rain is a bit over exaggerate hehe ~ I had to use my remaining 2 bottles of RO water to wash off (There goes my water....).

By the way, haven't heard the cover song by Skyward? It's actually by our your awesome local youtubers from The Ming Thing!

Anyways, those who is effected by the water shortage, mind sharing on how you do your daily life? If you need inspiration on how to save water? Well, here's some tips by Dan Khoo!

Do support them!

And on the other note, I am on the challenge for the WOWWW awards! Do vote for me ya?

DiGi WWWOW 2014

Have a nice week ahead! Cheers!


Tips to survive on April Fool's Day

Hi everyone! It's the last day of March and soon we are welcoming April!!

April's Fools is tomorrow and most people would try to escape the jokes and fun tricks made by people. Well i have 4 tips to share with everyone~

How do you survive on April Fools Day? I hope it's Not as Lame as mine.

Anyways, have an awesome April Month ahead!

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(Info post) Hot and Cold. Which one are you?

Halo everyone! I just recovered from a sickness....

Here's a post about Hot and Cold...


so what type are you? Cold or Hot? Check this info which I saw from Gaviscon.

Want to know more? Visit  for more cool info!


Kendylife Giveaway!

Yes It's true, It's Another GIVEAWAY!! Hurraaay!!  and this time I am going to blog about it because my friends forced me to as they can't see the event at my FB page.

So what I will be giving away?

3 notebooks worth RM40 (12USD) 
 3 recycle paper bags worth RM25 (8USD)
to 3 winners!

Which means....You will be getting these with my exclusive ONE and ONLY doodle art of #kendylife design from me.

Special: Winners will get their name drawn together with my signature!

Take note, this is not April Fool's :P

The Steps:
1. LIKE and SHARE my page ( and tag 5 friends with the hashtag #kendylife at their wall and tag the page. Add your answer to this question :"Why Should you follow this page"

2. Remember the page as well! (House88kend's Art. Design. Photography) so I can look and choose the best awesome shares!

3. If you can't tag my page, you can print screen and upload to the event's page below:


To Win:
- The 3 most creative answers will win!

- Winners will be notified via PM at FB and you will need to provide your home address and the gift will be sent to the address given! (No strings attached, I will pay the postage fees for you!)

Simple rules:
1. This Giveaway is open to Malaysians only 
(psst...Oversea fans, I will have something for you guys soon!)
2. Spamming will be disqualified (Well....all I wanted was a human...not a robot....hehe) 
3. The period of this giveaway is 20th March 2014 - 11th April 2014
4. Winners will be announced and notified via FB by 14th April (Monday)

If you need any clarifications, you can comment below, reply to the FB event page HERE or email me at


Selfie (part 2)

Hello Wednesday everyone...before I start today's comic, I would like to share my deepest condolence over the lost of will always be remembered forever :'(


Today's comic was actually to be posted last Friday, but due to my Fever it has been delayed till today!

This time is about Selfie again! (Read the first part HERE).....well not much about selfie...but more about food! Sometimes people just tend to take photos before eating....and some tend to forget that there is another person next to you for about 20 minutes or so! Well read on~

This comic features Nana Eddy! She once told me that her dad explained to her that people who do selfie is very it means that people who took photos of their own foods is also selling fish....right?....especially fish dishes...right? 

Anyways, she is a fun and loving person, you should visit her Blog HERE!

So what happened to her since I am sooo in love with food?
well she took her own selfie then~ 

Have a nice day!


Special Comic - Misconceptions

Hello everyone! It's Monday!!

how was your weekends? Hope you had fun! Anyways....I know today's comic is a bit late, cause I am a but busy during the weekends but nevertheless, here it is! Today's comic is about misconceptions featuring Ridley Jing why the word misconception not inception......don't misconceive me!! 

Anyways the story goes like this....

This is what she saw!!
Walking rabbit? Headless cutie? O.O


It is just

On the following day....

This comic was inspired by the pic she took and uploaded at FB the other day, and I promised to draw a short comic about that haha! First time met Ridley during the Nuffnang comic drawing gathering at CAFFeine, since then i often saw her at movie premieres but we didn't talked much :P

Anyways,  if you want to know more about her, 
you can visit her blog over HERE 

Have an awesome week ahead!