My #inktober experience

The Inktober 2015 challenge 

So last month was a challenging month for me, why? I got to travel to 3 different countries! Gave workshops and do some follow up work (full time & freelance jobs) but despite the tiredness and epic rushing, I still find time to doodle and to be part of the Inktober project!  

How it began
It started with a website I stumble upon last year. Every October, artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month.

That initiative, as it began, belonged to Jake Parker, a Utah-based artist who said he “created InkTober in 2009 as a challenge to improve his and develop better professional habits. Since then, I always look forward for the month of October to showcase my skills in doodling. Now Inktober has became a big community with many artists participating by using the hashtag #inktober

p/s, do you know Malaysia has it very own Inktober group? Follow them in the link below: 

A Success!
Despite all those tiredness, I still manage to complete the 31 day challenge! 

You can view the full version at my Instagram account (I will only show 3 of them in my blog post):

This is taken during Day 1 , which marks the first day of the Inktober initiative. 

Taken during my trip overseas, I noticed I need to hold the sketchbook in order to take a good photo, which contributes to the holding style I kept using in this project :P

The last day of Inktober, which always falls during the famous #Halloween festival. And that also marks the last doodle from me towards the Inktober project.

And this is how I doodle most of the works in this project (sorry bout the quality of this comic as this is was drawn using a mouse >.< ):

So you got the picture? This is how I normally do :P

As Inktober 2015 nears a close I'm feeling pretty good. I delay some uploads due to internet problems during my stay overseas. To be honest it has felt really good to be pushed to make a drawing everyday. It feels good to have become a little more comfortable and friendly with my UniPin pen. I'm finding it very enjoyable to work in black and white with some value adding grey.

Overall it was an exciting experience! Beside enchaining my doodling skills, I also met many new friends along the way!

That's all for my blog post for today!

Stay tuned for my upcoming post on #kendylifetravels 


Printcious, making your gift personalized [Review]

A personalized gift can be really awesome especially when you are making it for your family, girlfriend, or your best friends.
Wanted to print something memorable in ceramic tiles but who don't know who would print it for you?

There are a lot of things that can be customize in today's market. We have many international sites such as society6 and many more but I am currently looking for a localized site where you can personally create mugs, T-shirt, pillow case with anything you like on it, etc.

While looking for local printing sites, I heard of Printcious earlier and I immediately go check it.'s tagline is "Precious Gifts from Your Heart"
After seeing this website I immediately register myself!

Creating an account in is pretty easy! You just need to fill in some simple information or login via Facebook and you are done!

There is a lot of T-shirt designs you can choose from, which is really helpful for people who is a beginner.

Besides T-shirts, you have also other products such as ceramic tiles, which caught my attention.

This is something which I am interested in as well. If you don't know what or how to give a present to your GF/BF, this link is helpful to assist you in choosing ;)

Now I try to customize (personalize) a pillow which I am attracted to. So what is a customize gift? Well to me it is a gift where you can fully customize yourself like inserting photos, designs, logos etc into your products, thus make it very personal and special :)

Since I am interested in the basic cushion, so I am going to try it out :D

The menu is easy to understand.

The good part of this is , you can even choose your own colours of your choice! Which is convenient!

You can customize many things , including the font type, font size, its arrangement and colour. You can even insert more than 1 photos or images into it! If you done something wrong, you can just undo to your previous settings. 

If you wish to start from scratch you can just click on the "revert" button

By the end, you can just press add to cart and review all your orders before checkout*

*Delivery charges incur for purchases below RM75.

And yes there is no GST incurred! 

So sum it all, the shopping experience and the layout is clear and easy to understand. The selection option makes customizing process easier and it is really conformable while ordering the stuffs you like.

As an artist, if I were to suggest something, maybe Printcious might be interested to invite local artists to provide some works or open a special market (Something similar like Society6) so they can work together as a special e-commerce site for artists and Printcious.

And if that really happens, it would be great!  :D

And that's all for my review!

For those who is interested, I would advise to check out their website below:




Happy 300th

Although life gave lots of lemons ....
lots of stress and uncertainties happening around ...
Sadness, hatred & sorts of negatives fill up the air  ...

Not even closest buddies could cheer me up...
or the most loyal fan that can give me a "thumbs up"...

but everyday I always think about you
because I know

everytime I went home,
there is one thing I am am looking forward to

is to see you


the sadness or the stress I had earlier.... just ...went away in an instant.

Happy 300th, and thank you for being in my life. And I pray for many many more days , and years to come :)

This is a personal post which I dedicated for my girl, Geraline :)

Love you.


Singapore's Coat or arms explained

The 10 years of #kendylife

‪#‎Sunday‬ Sharing: 

Time's already 10 years!

Back in those days, I never actually attended art classes or obtain any certs due to personal problems. Without any assistance, I learn this the hard and slow way.... But thanks to the internet and some loyal supporters, I managed to grow :')

Throughout the journey, I've been friends with many people, of different races and background. They're a pleasant company & I cherish these people like they're my awesome buddies & part of my big family.

Although my Facebook page is only 4 years old and this blog is 5 years old , it has became a vessel for me to share my passion, love & works!

And this, I thank you, everyone for your continuous support!

Let's grow together & we create more funny jokes here. The jokes and lame comics is the essence of this page anyway :)

To end this, here's my gratitude to thank you:

Thank you. cam on. merci. grazie. danke. salamat po. 谢谢. ขอบคุณ, ありがとう. 감사합니다. Terima Kasih. 


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