Happy New Year 2015!

Hi guys!

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for my absentees for the past few weeks as I am preparing for my surgery soon  (I will be slow in replying your messages or respond to any comments for at least 2-3 months...but no worries, I will keep an eye from time to time!) and recent flash flood incident at Sipitang. Therefore this post is not exactly a comic and I don't normally post about myself except in comics so you might need to spare a few minutes reading my boring post! XD

The Year 2014 had been a special year for me in #kendylife, it is also a year where many incidents happened to my country (Sad ones.....) but hopefully 2015 will be a turning point!

Here is my resolution for 2014

 - Publish my own comic book (FAILED due to my work and got sick...trying harder  to complete it by THIS YEAR)
 - Publish my own Zine (SUCCESS!) ---> CHECK IT OUT 
 - Kendylife on newspapers (SUCCESS!)
 - Give at least 1 talk about #kendylife (SUCCESS!)
 - Give workshops to children (SUCCESS!)
 - Buy a new, powerful PC (SUCCESS!)
 - Get a Girlfriend - which made me even more sweeter than Candy...joking (SUCCESS!)
 - Get my own domain (SUCCESS!)
 - Travel at least to 1 country (SUCCESS!)
 - Won at least 1 in any designing or doodling competition (SUCCESS!)
 - Facebook fanpage reach 10k by this year (SUCCESS!)
 - Be a part of the Tapastic Creators program (FAILED, TRYING THIS YEAR)
 - Met awesome and renowned speakers  (SUCCESS!)

This year I also have many special events which happened:
 - Got to collab with local as well as International artists!
 - Met lots of new and old bloggers
 - Met the Sabahan bloggers!
 - Met lots of awesome artists from different background and different talents!
 - Entered top 10 in the Digi WWWOW Awards!
 - Opened my very first boot (Okay, now I feel how hard it is...)

There were lots more but I couldn't recall all of them, but nevertheless thank to all of you who supported me! Well then....hope I can slim down this year! :P

Here is what I hope to achieve this year!

 - Traveling (Taiwan , Japan...)
 - Take memorable pics with my GF :)
 - Slim down
 - Collaborate with artists and join a collab work!
 - Get into Tapastic program!
 - Able to get my very full first mobile app!
 - Kendy E-market!

and the list goes on...

Anyways, here were some awesome photos taken at 2014....it's not all but it's one of the best! Check the rest at my PAGE!

Photos with femes app maker and potocee! XD

Reunion and friends meet and greet with KKMS friends

Awesome warp up at the Sabah Art Gallery!

Gave a talk to the Anime Club at UCSI University

Proud to take a pic with the Doodle Sports event members!

With Kakao Talk awesome people~

UCSI Gathering

With Femes Food Blogger from Brunei, Thanis Lim!

Jinny Boy! After meeting him, I realized the world is even bigger!

Doodling Workshop with Kendylife - At the popular mega book fest at Sabah

Sabahan Bloggers awesome group photos!

With Ernest and Cherane! Hoptlink OOHSOME Fest

With JQ Lee! :D
And many many more photos like these....

Once again wishing everyone a fruitful and a blessed New Year 2015!


How to block FB Games in 3 simple steps!

I bet you might be looking on ways to block it (Like the recent pirate king game app)! 
So due to most of my fan's  and friends request, here it is!

There is ONLY one 1 BIG step
The other 2 steps is just to make sure you completely block t! XD

Here it goes!

Still unsure is the game completely block or not? 

So where is the 3rd step?

Note: Once you have done 2 of the steps above, 
now you can this poster here on your wall haha~ 

Anyways, I hope this post really helps!

For your information, it is yet to be revealed that the mobile version can block these apps but all of these is doable at the desktop or PC versions.

Do PM me if you have other ways to block it and cheers!


A Christmas journey :)

I had been organizing Pre-Christmas parties since 2008, and it turned out pretty well! :)

If you wish to attend this year's event, you may RSVP here :)


Let it Rain! Let It Rain! Let It Rain!

Hello everyone! Sorry for my absence these few weeks!  

Well, I will be announcing something soon! so stay tuned!!

but first, here's a comic on how we use Christmas Songs like a PRO~

Well, Christmas is just a few weeks away! 

Therefore for the first time ever I will have a public party (it's the 7th if included by invite) !!


Click the pic for more info (You need Facebook)


A better future for Pitas Road

How to help?
Kindly contact the community directly by email pgks7@yahoo.com.my or visit the Official Facebook page and PM the community's Facebook

How much you should donate?
It depends on how much you would like to contribute (No limit) but here's some info of how much they need.

They are looking to source at least RM85,000.00 to build a 7.5km basic “jeep road”. The more they collect, the better the road will be :)

Not enough funds to donate?
No worries, you can just share this post to the social media or tweet about them with the hashtag #PitasRoad. Please help us in any way you can! :)

Once again, thank you for spending your Sunday to read this! 
We can make the difference!

Terima kasih  – 谢谢 - Thank you – Pounsikou –  Kotohuadan

Kendy & the Pitas Road Community

Let's Laugh Malaysia with Harith Iskander!

WARNING: Make sure you have coffee with you before reading this!

Hi Everyone! Hope everyone is doing well! That day I have met a funny guy! He’s the godfather of comedy, he is a Malaysian and yes, he is bold! He is the awesome Harith Iskander! And I actually met him in person! It was truly an honor to be able to meet him in person at and here’s the story!

Here’s now we actually pose in it! LOL

I went to Espressonlab the other day just to meet the awesome Harith Iskander. Honestly I love to watch his shows and do you know that you can have a chance to catch him in an upcoming event?

Yes it's Laugh Malaysia! In his awesome mission to make all of us LAUGH, he will be holding court at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil, KL on 29th October 2014! A show not to be missed….and it’s just a few days left!

To him, To Know Malaysia is to Laugh Malaysia, and I second that! Jointly produced by Harith Iskander, V Day Productions & AMC Live Group, in partnership with Perbadanan Stadium Malaysia, ‘Laugh Malaysia’ promises a night of rip-roaring laughter to its audience. ‘To know Malaysia is to LAUGH MALAYSIA’ will also feature one of the best of the new crop of Malaysian comedian’s, Dr Jason Leong, as well as special guest Papa CJ – one of India’s most influential comedians.

Here are the brief details as below:

Event name: 
Harith Iskander…To Know Malaysia Is To.. “ Laugh, Malaysia!”

Date: 29th October 2014, Wednesday
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil

Ticket Prices: RM258, RM158, RM118, RM78 and RM38
(Excludes RM3.00 processing fee)

RedTix Hotline: 03-8775 4666 or www.AirAsiaRedTix.com

Now back to me and Harith iskander, he said that” It’s time for Malaysians to turn DISTRESS into DE-stress” and well, seeing him makes me happy!!

Joining in the effort of uniting Malaysians through laughter are also big hearted Malaysian corporations that have stepped up to support this event under the LAUGH MALAYSIA Umbrella namely Celcom First, Sime Darby Foundation, Seremban 2, MTT Priority and Pemandu.

To make the show even more meaningful, percentage of profits from ticket sales will be channelled to OrphanCARE, a charitable NGO that strives to place abandoned children in homes with loving families! Awesome right?

Oh ya , if you have problems of getting the tickets, You can also get it from the places below:

Rock Corner outlets: The Gardens (TEL: 03 – 2201 4893)
KLCC (TEL: 03 – 2181 5560)
Subang Parade (TEL: 03 – 5613 1139)
The Curve (TEL: 03 – 7733 1139)
Victoria Music outlets:
Sg Wang(TEL: 03 – 2148 7208
Amcorp (TEL: 03 – 7956 0592)
Tropicana (TEL: 03 – 7722 2955)
Artist Gallery outlets:
Gurney Plaza, Penang
Queensbay Mall, Penang
KL Life Centre TEL: 03 – 2162 2570
Tune Store Low Yat Plaza

So why wait? Let’s go and together we laugh and de-stress! :D

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