The Characters of Kendylife!

Welcome to the world of Candies!
Wait....Candies? Means  I can be eaten? (Obviously NO!)

Let's intro the 4 main characters of Kendylife!

Name: Kendy
Nickname: Kendy Kun
Favorite food: I love good long it's delicious :P
 Favorite pastime: Sleep, Eat, Travel, Like to mimic cats, Sing K etc...
Unique Abilities: Can sleep instantly

Name: Ger
Nickname: -
Favorite food: As long it's pleasant, delicious and nice to her
 Favorite pastime: Nua-ing, Online shopping, Playing games, calls me "Uncle" etc... 
Unique Abilities: Can get angry instantly without warning, especially towards Kendy

Name: Natsuko
Nickname: - 
Favorite food:  Sushi, Bento, Satay Celup, Ice Cream etc...
 Favorite pastime: Green tea ceremony, Watch anime, Read manga,  Cosplay etc...
Unique Abilities: The infinite power to bully Kendy
Name: Kuma Kuma
Nickname: Kuu, kuma
 Favorite food: Cakes, candies/sweets, marshmallows, pudding, cupcakes etc
Favorite pastime: Sleep, Eat, Smile and Wave 
Unique Abilities: The power to attract girls, can eat 50 candy sticks in 0.2 seconds

-----------------------  Other Characters:  ----------------------

The Cats

Appearing in many colors, types and poses....
Reason : Unknown
Favorite quote : Meow

More Characters coming soon!

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