About The Author

Here's a little bit about myself ;)

It all began with a bunch doodle arts that I drew about myself and Natsuko (The Japanese doll). Normally I drew and gave it to my friends for fun.  Seriously, I was never very good with expressing through spoken words. One day, I wanted to prepare a tiny surprise for the girl I like. Then I gathered the drawings and transform a normal diary blog to a comic blog just to impress her.

Sadly, I failed....but what happened to the comic blog I just created? Somehow it turns out to be interesting, a few of my friends started to like and share it at Facebook and Twitter! And I never stop drawing web comics since then....

From a normal comic blog it has grew to be what it is today :)

Well, that's all for my story :P
Have fun reading my experience and adventures!
 Hope you will love my comics!


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