Understanding The Art of Listening

Ever heard of promoters before? Their promote something to the public I relate this to the types of friends that loved to talked much...haha, to all promoters, have you ever try of being a observer or a listener?It may sounds as hard as you think, but sometimes when you listen, you know yourself and understands others more!This is my opinions towards the art of listening...

1. The Art of listening(Hehehe...for me its an ART)
When someones really listens to you, bridges are built, and chasms are crossed. Listening really is a great and wonderful thing. Unfortunately, it is also too often forgotten.....so sometimes we wrote Diaries to remind yourself of your everyday life and sometimes it is to remind us every day how important it is for us to listen. Literally, listening does not need any forms of money of hard work, you just have to sit back, relax and open your ears... During listening, you must at least have these things...

(a)Listen to what hasn't been said(Eh? I haven't hear that before...interesting...)
What has been said reveals much, but what hasn't been said, often, speaks volume more. Humans are so energetic and they intend to listen to the hottest news from politics, entertainment, people mouth of word and many more but sometimes we have forgotten the sounds that is around us (Not trees, birds or something related to nature...hehe). For instance, our closest friends!

(b)Listen without interrupting(Don't disturb!!)
When you listen, you listen but sometimes please don't complete other people's sentences, resists asking a question in a middle of a sentence, and please stop thinking about your own rebuttal.

(c) Listen with 100% intention (Haiz...me sometimes looked somewhere else..haha)
Give your undivided intention-focusing only on that person for that moment. Forget you have to watch; even forget what you are listening

(d)Listen with your mind and eyes(Do you understand what they have told you?)
If you really listen thoughtfully, you will hear more than the words; you will hear the intent behind the words.Make eye contact, watch the speaker's body language, and discover how he or she really feels about the subject.

Now to all listeners/ readers of my lovely blogs, have you ever think about the promoters (Speakers) that always talked so much? If you are a listener, I suggest you listen with absolute Patience. This is especially important when listening to those who can't seem to stop talking. When they feel they have been heard, they often do stop talking, and start listening!

So, you have listened to other peoples, but have you listen to yourself? You should spend time listening to your inner self....learn to listen to the whispers of your very own heart and your soul; of whats right and what's not. You know so much more than you give yourself credit for.

Finally, to conclude this, either you are a promoter or a listener, the main thing is just listen! Because when you listen, you are being loving, and are loved in return!hehe... (^^)