Choosing between a friendship and relationship =)

We make new friends all the time like me, I don't know what you think about me, but I made new friends almost everyday! And some of us have a million friends, some of us a few friends, but most of us would surely have a friend or friends whom are extremely special.

Usually if both are of the same sex, it would not be a problem. The tricky bit comes in when a guy and girl becomes good friends. So then, friendship or relationship? Hard to choose huh? Afraid? Have problems? Blur that is he/she is your friend or your only one? Well, this is my opinion! =)
Well, as always, there are always a few things to follow so that you would not make the wrong decision. There is no right or wrong here. Kind of a gamble I would say. It could turn out either way. Try these guidelines, there would be lesser hurt than if you dive blindly into the sea of love. =P

You got to keep in mind one thing: Be responsible for your actions. Whatever you choose to do, do it and accept whatever consequences. If it does not turn out all right, don't blame anyone but yourself. If you do that, there might actually be chances of recovery.

It's a dilemma for many because you do not want to lose a friend but at the same time, you want to find out if this person could be your true love. It is all well if both of you feel the same for each other, but most of the time, the trouble is you don't. Letting that person know how you feel might actually scare the person away if he or she does not feel the same way about you. That is why always start off as friends and build upon the relationship as friends.

It is difficult but extremely important. Don't let your feelings ruin the friendship. Start to cement the bond as friends first, not as a lover. If you have a firm friendship, the likelihood of that person shying away from you is less when you tell him or her your feelings. Because it might be just a one off attraction it is always good to give yourself a month or two as a guage of whether this person is actually the one for you. For all you know, a month of two later, you find out something new about the person that you would not want in a lover. You would be glad then that you were not reckless in the beginning. Thus, it is important to learn more about this person before doing anything.
In my point of view, me as a male needs to comfort the opposite gender, this applies on to making new friends too, you must first know your limits, be cheerful and be brave. sometimes you may just miss the chance. And one she/ he has accepted you as a friend, she/he will start look for you and at least, appeared on Facebook or plurk and mentioned about you. Slowly, you develop close relationship between you and your friends and you start to venture deeper relationship, from here or perhaps...the feeling of love may appear. But that takes time. For now, what I need to focus is to appreciate the relationship which I called it Friendship. 

If after a long substantial period of time, and you continue to feel a lot for the person, then it would be a good time to let him or her know your feelings. As I have always maintained, it is no good to keep your feelings inside of you. Extremely unhealthy. The time will come which you will feel suitable to say. If you had followed the guideline and everything that you did for him or her was because you care very much for him or her as a friend, whatever the outcome would be easier to handle but you two started off on the right foot. You can't build a friendship from a relationship , but you can build a relationship from a friendship. Immerse yourself in the friendship first before anything so even if nothing happens between the two of you, you still would not have lost a friend.

Well, i always have very emotion intentionally to like a person even before making her to trust me, is up to you to decide, and...I am not very good in this matter but nevertheless, I hope this might help those who is in dilemma.

Okai, gotta go ! For any questions, you can just reply comments below ^^