Take hold of every moment

Moment...whats that? It has many meanings actually....moment can be also used in business...but I will make it connect with Time.....A moment, in context with time, is an indefinitely short period of time. Sometimes defined as zero seconds long, but perhaps better defined as an infinitesimal part of a second --or minute, hour, day, etc. For me, a moment is as important as life does!

Every time we go out for to shopping, to play, to gather, to eat together....there is always the sweet moments you will have with your family and friends. Remember! No matter how many times you copied the exact event, it will not repeat!So we must appreciate every moment!As for me, I used photos to record my diary or as my visual diary but it also serve with another purpose.....to keep the moments that we had~Sometimes its a bit hyper active...but it will finally make people smile^^
Take this photo for instance, u can see it walk today, but after that moment, u won't see it again or it may not repeat the same thing... For example.....maybe you will see the same person everyday...24 hours a day! But every moments makes the person a different person...maybe you will get bored with him/her for a period of time.....but when you realized actually that the moments you had with her/him is very precious~

Take hold of every moment, don't let it go to waste! don't just think that every day was a boring day!

Try apply this to your own life, you will be happier!