Call my nickname! XD

Well, just wanted to remind myself, people had been calling me in different names....well, the reason is...they complained about my name being too long, too difficult to pronounce and me, you will instead they loved to call me by my christian name and here's a list of my nicknames:

The sevens call me Kendrick
My childhood friends call me Kendrick/Brother Kend
Most people call me Kend
Plurker friends call me Kendy a.k.a "Candy"
Many online friends call me Kend Kend
My Sisters and Brothers call me Kend Kor
Gamers call me Kend The Great
People who just met me in the web call me house88kend
My secondary friend call me Kendo
Sometimes they call me Doraemon

I don't remember what else they will call me....well, it's fun on what names whey refer me to =)