What have we learn in life?

Ah yes....life is very tough...very hard....and very hectic....whateverlah.....

But you had forgotten..... life is also very fragile, important and memorial.

Yesterday I ask a survey in plurk asking their years from 1985- 1999, and many replied which come from 1985 till 1998. And It made me think of something crucial......this year m turning 22, and I have been in this world for 21 years......all the time I had in the past cannot being rewinded....people always say "Could I rewind the mistakes in the past".....well, you know it's imposible but then people still want to say it out....

Then...I found out that we grew up and our interests changed gradually and my cousin called me and chat with me....she is almost 26 years old and she told me this

Cousin: "It's hard to join conversation with my friends already"
Me:"Why is that so?"

Cousin:"Our topics changed....their topics now was diapers..."
Me:"....woot! Have babies jor?"

well....I think...think and think....and I found our that each time we grow, we become more mature and there is one word saying," BEING MATURE IS WHEN YOU STARTED CARING ABOUT OTHERS",well I do support this quote....Why? Do u think its easy to care others? How bout caring about your sons and daughthers? When that time comes....you will understand =)

well, for those who is still young, and fresh.....cherish your time! Don't always think of negative taughts....Once you knew it, it's too late.

All of us were growing up, learning and to understand life. As what I always reminding myself.....

"Cherish the past, live today and plan for the future"
Love you always! Dedicated to everyone especially Mei =)