Whom you gonna protect?

Woots! This year will be the year I turn 22!!! Wee.....The greatest part in my life is I will encounter more new problems and challenges........okay...back to what I wanna say... hehe

I am watching a Korean Drama that day and I have been inspired by this question, "Who you are gonna protect?"...and I kept thinking and I came out with my own opinions...

Since we were little...our safety is always our parents priority.....once you grow up, you learn how to protect yourself....but In certain times...you feel like you wanna protect someone...who? Here is my opinions,

1. Your parents:
Well, your parents is the main reason that why were you here today!Once you have grown up, you must protect them in any situation, at least just remember them!

2. The person that you loved:
So not the drama....you always look at the drama and the man actor always say I will always protect the girl he loves but then protecting the person you loved is the best way to maintain your relationship. If the woman founds that you don't have the power to protect her, she may just leave you!

3. Your companions:
Your friends motivates you, gives you advices and guides you everywhere you go...well not everything frankly..hehe but protecting your friend is one of the largest sacrifices you can make for your friend.

In this matter, the word "protect" is not used to cover your friends lies or secrets..! But to protect it from your heart!

Remember, It doesn't matter if you are short, ugly or fat...but the power of protecting others is the greatest sacrifice! People will eventually feel the security provided by you and they will put faith and trust in you~ Thats the magnificent power to protect others! =)