Why do you think that you were being left alone?

Sometimes I always wonder...am I alone...or why am I alone? To tell you the truth...actually I am thinking too much.... In everydays life, we cannot fulfill our needs and it cannot end....we have friends but you wanted it more...but eventually you are being left alone....Think....here is what I do....

You will be left alone wondering what on earth you did "wrong"!
You cannot buy love. You cannot make anyone love you.

No one can complete you, you can only find that within yourself.
Everyone spends their life looking for the "perfect" relationship. There is no such thing.

People change. People grow. People move on, even soul mates sometimes.
Letting go is inevitable whether you want to or not.

So, when you are being left alone, its time for you to think, it always leads to a positive ending...only that we have to find it ourselves...so, sometimes Its not that you are alone...its people are busy or have other else to do...so, don't worry too much! >.<

Sometimes it feels easier to stay in that rut than committing to the challenge of climbing out of it. Have you become comfortable being sad, being angry, being violent, being sick, being addicted, being depressed, being dependant, settling for less than you know you deserve and can be? Do you agree?^^