EARTH HOUR 2010 is coming!

Earth Hour - Proudly Committed

Earth Hour is just around the corner and this year I am prepared to be part of this important event! So for those who doesn't know what is EARTH HOUR, here is my brief explanation of this important event:

As you all know, our beloved earth is facing serious Global Warming, so Earth Hour is a campaign or an activity to encourage us to switch our lights off for 1 hour, as easy as that! EARTH HOUR started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million homes and businesses turned their lights off for one hour to make their stand against climate change. 4 years later this campaign has spread globally and now almost every major cities in each continent supports EARTH HOUR!

So does 1 person made the difference?
For me, I believe which I start from small.....YES, it does!

This year I am proud to be one of the supporters and student representative from the Student Council of UCSI University which also supports EARTH HOUR!

So what you have to do, how to participate?

It's EASY! Just turn off your lights for 1 hour on 27th March from 8:30pm-9:30pm and you will experience the difference and guess what? You have just saved Earth!

Spread EARTH HOUR to your friends, friends of friends, families, neighbors or anyone you could think of~ Spread also to Facebook, Twitter, E-mails, or just messenger! All of these could make a difference!

Organize something which does not consume electricity! Like Me, I organized parties with my friends while we celebrate EARTH HOUR!

So What's more? The choice is yours and the Earth depends on our hands!

Go Green, Save Earth, Say NO to climate Change, Support Earth Hour! =)

Official video of Earth Hour 2010:

A proud supporter of EARTH HOUR!

for more info, visit their website at

and for my University who also supports this campaign,visit

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