I spotted a friend! (Part 1)

Before I start, everyone is special and unique, no matter how you think life it is, you are actually important to every aspect of life! Well, without further delay....I introduce my 1st spotted friend, Tan Chee Hao!

What do you know about him?
He is my friend since Foundation when I enrolled into UCSI University. He is from Kluang, Johor. We share the same ideas and he has a lot of vision and ideas. He is a Mecatronics Engineering student.

Well...his life is always challenging and fun, but he is also busy and always no time to go out with us. I believe his idea, inspirations, knowledge is very vast as he gave me the inspiration to be a leader. A great friend, and an understandable....awesome friend.

What does he inspires me in life?
He gave me the meaning and the reason to move on. Once you fall, climb, no matter how hard it is and his story makes me created this idea:

"We are climbing the same mountain, we may have different routes but in the end we will meet in the submit."

My definition? We are all humans striving for one goal (To be success in life). We may have different methods, different ways to achieve it (As in different routes) and mountain climbing is very hard (need tools , ways, knowledge and skills to climb) and we may fall countless times but in the end we will also meet in the same summit (Also represents the friendship and bond).

I don't see any evil in people, but I only see their different goals in their life which may against our goal, but remember, no matter how it is, we are all not strangers but yet to be friends! =)

Thank you Chee Hao!

Photo session~
This photo was taken with him during Mid-Autumn Festival (2009)