I spotted a friend! (Part 2)

Now it is my 2nd friend also also my younger step brother, Andrew Foo! so what's special about him? Hahahaha, remember what I said in the previous post...everyone is special and unique =)
I present my brother Andrew Foo!

What do you know about him?
He is my friend since Foundation when I enrolled into UCSI University. He is from Kuala Lumpur. He is taking Architecture.

He is special to me, he thinks life differently and this makes me thinks that he is unique, he is also busy and always no time to go out with us. But sometimes, I got mad at him because of time constraint but then I still respect his aims in life. He used to pick me and he is very kind!

What does he inspires me in life?
To be helpful and to be kind to the people who is kind to you. Maybe you did not realize this but you have given this inspiration. We have go through many hardships, from small gatherings to the biggest event Bunkasai Night 2009. I am happy to be able to work with you, although we may fight or I am angry with you sometimes, but past is past. As long as our brotherhood never break.

He tagged me into a note which I think is very interesting and I totally agree with his point of view about life (Below is his quotes):

"Well this is my perspective on life, Life its like a roots that goes on forever, some sees it as routes taken and choices made its quite similar actually."

"So complicated is it life? Well there a friend who told me once, live life like it was the last day or the day your going to die, well I thought it was true for a moment of time but in the end it was not so true after all because I become wiser after reading lots of books, news and talking to strangers."

Life is like a book and each and everyone of us are entitled to write in it and the STORY are entirely your responsibility to color, decorate or write whatever things in it =) Your story is as interesting, as wonderful and as meaningful. But remember, the journey does not ends here, I hope you continue to grow, learn and understand. Thumbs up my bro!

Photo session~
This was a group photo taken during the Bunkasai Night (2009)