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April 27th 2014

It's been a while since the last update! The first 4 months of the year brings special and unexpected surprise! 

1. It's the 9th Anniversary for my studio and we thew a party! 

I would like to thank everyone for attending the party! You guys were awesome!

To download the full version of the album you may download it here: DOWNLOAD ALBUM HERE
or you can view the Album at Facebook!

2. Achieving my first 1k+ followers at Instagram and 10k+ likes at Facebook! 

Okay this was really unexpected, this year my Instagram has finally reached the 1K+ mark!

And soon my Facebook page reached it's 10k mark!

So is there a celebration?
Well stay tuned :)

3. I also made NEW friends! You guys were awesome!

Nana Eddy
Thanks to my broken handphone, I got to meet her! 2nd official meet up - Mid Valley :P

Susan Ho
We had been chatting non stop, but finally met the 2nd time during Nuffnang 7th birthday!

Christy Hii
Through my friend Leon, I met this lovely girl, Christy from Nuffnang 7th birthday!

Jacqueline Khoo
Christy's friend, met her first time from Nuffnang 7th birthday!

Joey Chin
Also a friend of both Jacqueline and Christy, first time met her from Nuffnang 7th birthday!

Tian Chad
Know him for a very long time already, but finally I met him during the KakaoTalk together-gether event

Trislynn Chan
Funny, active and awesome! Met her during the launch of Besglas

and many more!! 

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