Revisiting the past...

Sometimes, I cried.......but these were the tears of joy, happiness and warmth which comes from my heart.I poured to much memories into my University life and I am very happy, excited and also acknowledge many things which I go through in my lifetime.

I remembered when I entered UCSI University, my first group of friends I met was Kelvin Khoo, Lai Jia Yong, Edwin Chung and Raymond chan......that time I was shy, nervous and also excited to know new friends. Then my group grew larger in size....then there is Deva, Eric Peh, and my lecturer, Ms Norasykin....and Tan Jason....slowly my grow joined a few girls, which was Philo, Koel Jim and then Crystal...slowly more and more people came into my is as interesting at Foundation years, I faced problems, and managed to overcome with it...I was young that time, fresh and knew nothing about what's important and what's un-important....but slowly I beginning to see the picture.Slowly I started to form my own group and I was the time of changes and growth.....and that time is the time where I started to join clubs and began my life through extra-curricular activities...start from my very first student association, ITSA, then SSLAA, then AniMaC and many more....In the end I was elected as publicity director in Studenet Council.Slowly, I met Doreen and Chih Ceng and we eventually become one of my best buddies at UCSI University. I also met Andrew Foo and Tan Chee Hao which also made a great impact in my life.If I wanted to thank the people who actually impacted my life, I will list them here, and It may covered the whole page of the post~ but I still wanted to thank them no matter that =)

University life at UCSI University is very fun, exciting and also challenging. I am very happy that I've managed to ecountered with strange, fun and exciting peoples! Which act as an extra ingredient to make my life more exciting! =)

How wonderful it will be, for at least half the time, to be happy
Spend the time with the friends who spend time with you!

Credits: Photos by Koh Jun Lin,
during EARTH HOUR 2010 (27.03.2010)