Social Networking Vs Normal social

These days, social networking has been a famous trend for everyone of many ages! And yes, I played, joined plenty of Social networking and also interact with many people.....but I realized something which we may not know but I figured it out...

Just think, did you life changed once you played social networking?Some of you may say no, but It does bring BIG and major impact to our lives!

So here I discuss about the advantages and the disadvantages social networking as well as the classical Normal social. HERE we go!

Social Networking such as Facebook, Twitter, Hi-5, Friendster, Tagged, myspace etc is growing and many people especially young teenagers is what's the benefits?

but I've found the dark side of social networking...which is...

ON THE OTHER networking is also
You think the Internet world has privacy?For me, it is a NO! Just imagine if you post something like "today I wear a pink bra" and you post it at Facebook....then on the second day, you were just passing in by in your University like normal day, then some FREAK or JERK will just call your name and ask "what color you wear today?" and you don't even know who is him. I attended a cyber wellness workshop at University the other day and I learnt one, as a computer student also knows this.... just remember peeps...


For instance, you posted a photo, then maybe some jerk or nerd or some maniac will use your photo to some porn sites and then your future is ruined just like that! So be-careful!

Normal Meetings
Good? Well this is the most classical of how humans interact each other~ so I would say, they is no harm in meeting each other, so the GOOD is always the best!

BAD? The Advantages is always concerns with location....too far to meet.....thats why letters, telephones is invented =)

So no matter how, I would like to advice everyone here, maintain you life, I didn't; say you cannot join any social networkings, just be careful and get into real life friends =) Just think this....CAN ONLINE PEOPLE HELP YOU WHEN YOU ARE IN NEED?

Thats all for now~

Wait for more updates from me~ hehe