The 4'Rs in life

Inspired by the theory of Yin and Yang, in life we have 4R's which is Regret, Revenge, Respect and Remember. To balance your life you need positive ones but you cannot completely throw the negative ones, this is how we balance our life.

Regret....we often felt regret after we have done something....right or wrong, we regret no matter what.....let take this example:

"A couple went to Mid Valley and do some shopping, the girl then enter a boutique shop and showed 2 different dresses to her boyfriend, asking which one suites her....well, the boyfriend replied and normally the girl will follow what the boyfriend chooses, but after they left the shop....the girl then felt regret and told his boyfriend she should choose the other one instead. "

Maybe I am not much of a person who gives examples, but this really happens in our life....we made many choices in life...including choosing the right partner, choosing your right carrier or choosing your course when enrolling in the University.....whatever choices you make, do think of the consequences, because when you regret, it's too late to change. So think before making choices =)

Revenge..most people often do that, informally or formally, we always do due to our instincts. Let me ask you a question, why waste time on revenge while you have a whole day to enjoy your life? Sometimes, people tend to hurt you, but let it be, why do we need revenge? So they can fulfill your needs? So, whatever thing you do, if they hurt you, just don't care, revenge is only a drug which make you continue doing it after one another.

Respect, this is a very respectful word I would like to share with you, you may think it's a word with no values.....but it was in fact a powerful word which even penetrate religions! This word can be found in BIBLE, for example "we must respect our parents (One of the 10 commandants) " or "Respect your enemies", in Buddhism, "Respect all walks of life", In Free thinking society," Respect all human rights". As for me, I respect everyone because in my opinion, humans are here for a reason, and it is for us to respect their decision. So, do respect God, the elders, the leaders, your parents, family, friends and most of all, yourself =)

Remember, yes....may sounds easy to you, but how many good deeds you can remember rather than the bad ones? Here's a simple guide which I could advice in what to remember:

1. Remember your loved ones (God, Family and Friends, your pets and yourself)
2. Remember the sweet memories (Of all, everything which you considered as sweet)

1. Remember negative thinking (Sad, bad, unproductive moments etc...)
2. Remember the failures (unless you are referring to look for mistakes and improve to move on)

No matter how do you choose, you cannot let go of these 4.