April Breeze


Weee~ finally I am back into blogging and this month is a very fun month (Despite on all the exams and assignments due dates)....

And 15 things happened this month:

1. This month...I called it the month of "sky", why is that so? This month the sky is fantastic....maybe I didn't realized it though but again, I quickly rush to grab my camera and captured the photos of the clouds, it kinda beautiful =)

2. This month also comes to My friend's Birthday, Doreen ^^ Had her party at Pizza Hut, had great time together too!

3. I also climbed 2 times to the hill back at UCSI University, it was awesomely beautiful!

4. Went to watch more than 3 movies in the cinema....How to train your dragon, Clash of the titans and Ice Kacang Puppy Love ++++

5. Visited Jue Ann's Family and I called this the "Seremban Trip"

6. Yea.....assignments and designs due date...so freaking stress....(Still going on....)

7. Ate KFC more than 3 times and also had bak kuh teh lolx

8. Visited PC fair~ And finally brought my 2nd external Hardisk!! XD

9. Captured more than 1600 photos so far for this month!

10. Being featured on web and also I had my own fan page at Facebook!

11. Had the very first Tea time with friends!

12. I am back on games~ together with Chih Ceng, together we disembark on Games! lol

13. Met a wonderful person and I had a chance to direct and be one of the sub-designer for the upcoming mother's day commercial for UCSI University!

14. Had my very first group photo with my faculty classmates!

15. Uploaded the most albums at Facebook this month of the year and designed a lot of calendar!

Well~ there's more but yea....awesomeness~