Terengganu and Kelantan, Visiting the East coast of Peninsular Malaysia

It all started from an idea back at Cheras.....with some planning and preparation, and here I am, at Terengganu!
Morning 8:23am....woke up by Michelle's Kawaii smile~....after she left, I just realised that I haven't pack up my stuffs up after a tiring yesterday of Leon's birthday preparation and moving....after a rushing 30 minutes+ of packing, I left my kendy at home and went to look for Cheng.

The actual plan was going by bus, but Cheng's Dad came to KL to pay his fees. And so, together with Cheng's dad, we disembark on a 8 hour driving to Kuala Terengganu....Cheng's hometown.

Upon arrival, what we do is "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan"....The food at Terengganu was just different! For me, it has a taste of it's own, a guinuine Terengganu flavor taste!

I was just astonished to see different types of "Nasi" (Rice in Malay language) to choose from~ from "nasi " to "nasi ", it was awesomely delicious! Especially when it was poured with the Malay Kua (in other words, anither version of curry, which was not spicy)
Aside from food....my first stop was Terengganu's famous Floating Mosque! That night was awesome...With the moon was almost full~ the night was clear and beautiful.We walked around the mosque, and the reflection of the colored lights from the mosque reflects the beauty of the mosque itself. My personal view is fantastic!

My next pit stop, was Kenyir Lake.The Kenyir Lake was internationally recognised as one of Malaysia's famous tourism site. The journey going there takes 1 and a half hours from Kuala Terengganu. Kenyir lake was so huge that you can even do island hopping! The scenery was very beautiful, I managed to visit the Kenyir Dam before going to the lake itself. Breathtaking!

Now for another 2 hours, I am going to Kota Bharu....which was the main city of Kelantan....yes, Kelantan!! The last state on the East coast of pemnisula Malaysia before entering Thailand.
I visited KB Mall, which was a very famous shopping mall at Kelantan (PC fair was also held there)and I also manage to visit the Sleeping Buddha!The Buddha was huge! I heard from Cheng's Dad explaining that this sleeping buddha was the largest in Malaysia and perhaps the 3rd largest in the World. The temple was very like Thailand, when I entered the temple, I was like stepping into Thailand lolx!Many photos captured!
Night at Kelantan, I had dinner with Cheng's Dad friend.Had great time chatting with them and I managed to eat Toufu with pumpkin gravy (I LIKE this!)And before waving bye, I had a group photo with them.
Lots of Places we went, including the State Museum, the crystal mosque and many places~ It was a wonderful state to visit! ^^

Thanks Cheng and his lovely family for this Trip! Awesome!