Materialism and Realism in friendship

Friendship can be cruel when you realized that you have been used....what I am about to share here is what I have been experiencing and understand what is like.... here is the result of my research...
In the 21th century, people has been going into liberation....where open minds are welcome into the society.....and humans bear two negative things.... which is materialism and may ask what is that, but I can answer you, it could be you or could be your friends beside you!

So...lets start from realism....I have been doing some research and here are a few meanings about this word:

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So why do I apply it in friendship? Well sometimes you will meet people who appears to be very realistic, means when he/she needs something from you, in form of help or in need in guidelines, they will look for you and after that they won't find you because there is no reason to look for you, pretty realistic huh? Well, you can imagine you are a screwdriver being used to fix something, when no use, there is no reason to use a screwdriver. Right?

Nowadays people get more smarter, they manipulate your mind and in the end you cannot escape from them....a little kindness or a support from them is enough to make the trick. So they made you think that there is a reason to help them.

How about Materialism? Well, materialism comes from the word material, means things or stuffs but sometimes materialism and realism can be bounded together....people are now driven to their desire to acquire becomes their whole goal of their lives. This drive to always want more is based on the misconceptions that having more will make you more happy, more important, and more secure, but all three ideas are untrue!

Remember, Possessions only provide temporary happiness ....this can apply to in need of many friends, more money, more fame and knowledge...sometimes we forget what we have in life and we wanted more...and we neglected whats important....and people always ended in regret when everything is lost.

You may say when you have more, you become more important...well, that is not true at all....or a think to yourself in these 4 simple questions,

  1. What is more important to appreciate what you have now rather than loose it all when it is all gone?
  2. Which is more important? Fame or Friends?
  3. You may say you are always alone, are you? Think again...
  4. Will your friends look for you when they are in need and when you needed them, are they beside you?
I hope these would help you to choose your friends and you know what are friends for. For all my friends, no matter what you are achieving now....don't being bounded by these two things in life....and appreciate what is around you now. Don't live with regrets=)