Photos of happiness and quotes of knowledge

This month, is the month of changes, and I have received many knowledge and memories~ Thanks everyone! Here I gonna post it here...words of wisdom~ (Off course I edited for my own understanding) :

Adel - All ends is always a new beginning, gonna miss you ge.
Jia Ee - Although we only met in such a short time, but you have changed my way of thinking towards life, I am very happy to be with you even if it is only one week. Thank you kor.
Narvin - Who said you are leaving too soon? You are always here, and being remembered.
YY - A great friend never complains they time spend with you and you are one of the great friend who spend his precious time with me.
Chee Hao, Neo - The bond we have is not my words of mouth but by the actions.
Hau Han (KFC)-Wherever you go, wherever you are, you are always be remembered.
Mei Yen - Memories with you are fantastic and you have added happiness and life into my recipe.
Bala - Be something different when you are at Australia. Don't be the old you, be the improved version of you there =)
Jessie Lim - Life is many ups and downs, but I am glad to have friends like you which still ties us together till today.
Grace - A friend which I will share my problems with, a listener and my greatest friend I ever had, you are truly a friend and a good brother to me.
Amanda - You tied the friendship together and you make it stronger, you are truly brilliant.
Mel - Thanks for all the memories, without those, life would be so empty.
Jue Ann - You have been teaching what is the meaning of life and the surroundings, thanks for everything and we shall meet again.
Jenny Mah - Be careful what you speak, speak only what is needed.
Chih Ceng - Be what you really want to be, you have everything to make us smile.
Leon - Like pouring tea into a cup, don't overflow the cup.
Michelle Lim and Matthew- We will really miss you my awesome friend!
Edwin - Time is short, but it doesn't makes that we are not friends.
Beni - You may only lost one awesome friend in one time, but you loss thousands of lovely and awesome friends in one time.
Troy - We are always be friends, it's in out blood, after all we are both from Chinese independent school and we have all the topics like being programmed!
Sheryl - An awesome friend I've ever met in class, thank you!
John,Wei Han - I will miss your scene of humor, you made us laugh and you are the best!
Leo - In such a short time I have known you, but the times we are together will be cherished. Thanks!
Huay Wen - It's rare to see a friend like you, who listens and spends his time to all the little problems. You are truly wonderful.
Jun Lin - If ..... (Truly nice poem, i like it!)
Cherish - Forget me not, you are a nice cute person I've ever met in campus!
Joseph - Where u go? I was always expecting you here!
Catherine Lim - Memories are always there, you have created sweet memories for all of us, thank you kend kend.
Jefferey- We cannot erase history, so does memories. You will be remembered as a friend, advisor, and a brother.

and etc........ well, i will cherish all the words, thank you!!