Setiawan Trip (Into the heart of friendship in Perak)

Sorry for the late post...I had been busy's my another traveling ....and this time it is an awesome weekend with Leon and Chih Ceng to Setiawan, Perak! Weeee!!! So, the word "Setiawan" comes from the word "Setia Kawan" or friendship. Ok....skip that history....the best part is the trip itself! We sit on the bus and arrived at Marang bus station, and Leon's Mom picked us up~ our first stop? Yum yum yum!! Loved that food~
So the food at Setiawan was delicious! Ate lots of it! And the "kompiang"...awesome! At the 2nd day night, we watched IRON MAN 2 and it was nice haha~

I am very happy because I came to a place which touches my heart where the meaning of "Friendship" was being kept in this small Chinese town.

View the rest of the photo in the photo album HERE !! ^^

Thanks Leon and his family for this awesome trip!!