22 wishes for me

A friend sent this to me, I was touched and I think I should share this to everyone!

My dear friend Kendrick Ng, you are turning 22 this year and I am sorry If I am late, but time doesn't matter, as long it reaches to you. We have been apart for almost half a decade but your friendship and your loyalty to me is priceless. Therefore I am sending 22 wishes to you...hope you like it!!

  1. I wish you good health. Not just all year round but all lifetime round.
  2. I wish you all the bestin your studies and when you got a job, a great promotion in your work. Of course, along with that a higher salary, extravagant bonuses and your dream car.
  3. I wish you more friends. More friends that you can inspire with your life. More friends that you can share you life with.
  4. I wish you more happiness. A happiness that cannot be bought. A happiness that is incomparable of anything in the world.
  5. I wish you an extraordinary future. It is just right for an extraordinary person to have an extraordinary future.
  6. I wish you more blessings. You seemed to have everything – a loving family, a promising career, good friends, intelligence, talent etc. But I believe God wants to give you more because you are such a wonderful person.
  7. I wish you one long week of rest from work. Haha. Workaholic. A week to just have time for yourself and do everything you want.
  8. I wish you fulfillment of your goals and dreams. Every dream that you have in your heart is placed there for a reason and I pray that it will all come to pass.
  9. I wish you strength in the midst of trials and problems. We all have our shares of problems and if ever you find yourself in one, remember that God made you a strong person and you will always come out victorious.
  10. I wish you peace in the midst of storms. When you’re problems are too hard to handle just refer to # 9 and you have nothing to worry about.
  11. I wish you a great love story. You deserve nothing but the best. A love story that will remind you of how deeply loved you are. A love story that you will be proud to tell the world.
  12. I wish you a wonderful family of your own. Not anytime soon though but sometime in the future.
  13. I wish you a beautiful and a person who take cares of you. A prince like you deserves only the most beautiful princess there is.
  14. I wish you memorable more birthdays to come. June 22nd every year will always be an extra special day for you.
  15. I wish you the perfect wedding there is. Every aspect of it will be beautiful and memorable. I can’t wait for that day!!!
  16. I wish you long life. More years for you to live life to its fullest.
  17. I wish you a laughter-filled life. Laughter is the so-called the best medicine. When you’re not in the mood and everything seems to go wrong, just laugh it off (most effective when you are with family and friends).
  18. I wish you a significant life. I know you are already living one. You are a good friend and an inspiration to many. But there is a world that needs an inspiration like you. [“Big or small there’s a difference only you can make.” – Barbie]
  19. I wish you excellence in everything you do. Excellence will be your trademark especially at work.
  20. I wish you success in every endeavor you will take. Always with flying colors for you.
  21. I wish you a lifetime partner that will love you unconditionally. Somewhere, out there, someone is meant to grow old with you and love you for eternity.
  22. I wish you all the best in the world. And that's my 22 wishes for me to you Kendrick.

Each year I will add one more wish for you and I hope you will be loved by many people around the world. You are such a loving person. Capture the moments with your camera and show it to the world!

I pray this will all come true.:) hehe.. Happy Birthday! Love you love you! Have a blast this year!

A very touching message. Thank you very much! ^^