Why being so dominant?

In this cruel world, all of us are trying to survive from the lifes of agony...

And there are a lot types of people in this world, and let me tell you, If you wish to have people who don't frustrate you, friends who don't dissapoint you, people who don't disturb you, co-workers who don't annoy you, you'd better move to another planet!

People tend to hurt each other, and always let emotions control them. They have their mind set to all the negativeness.

Just imagine this, when you earn a lot of money, worked hard just for yourself and I know you tend to be dominant....in order to survive in this crazy world....but let me tell you one this, when you grew older...don't you think you will be a lonely person which all your efforts, knowledge, treasures and richness of yours could not passed down or shared with someone you really care?

If you can't stand all of these...means we still have a long way to go. In this world there are many types of people, to grow up, we must understand how life moves around us and the people.

It is true in this world, people are trying to hurt each other, not realising that they are actually individualistically causing people to suffer....one a person is hurt, he/she will try to hurt another people....like a virus, infected with sorrowfullness, loneliness, agony, sadness and revenge....In real life, we make mistakes, and we will eventually unconciously hurt people...and in this world not everyone is perfect.

We need to accept people as they were, learn and understand and create healthy relationships from them. This is what I learn from my experiences, from there you won't have problems which comes from jealously, envy and loneliness.

Look around you, there is much to learn, enjoy life and share your life with your friends whom you really trust!