Visitation to Melbourne National Museum

Once upon an unknown time.....A group of 5 people disembark on a journey to the national Museum of Mary Poppins, 2 photographers, one rose and another lavender =P
So what we do when we arrived there? We are going to the TITANIC exhibition! Wuuuhuuu~ Awesome place to visit and indeed it's worth it, we took almost 2 hours in that exhibition hall LOLx!
After that we then simply "Lepak" around the museum and capture some photos~ I would like to thank the "Chair/sofa", "Fire hydrant", "Old cabinet" , "Dunno what it's called stones, rocks...." who act as the tripod for my lovely camera and thank God you did not make my darling fall or else I might do some vandalism lolx!!! Many photos were captured that day, some by Michelle, some by Emily, and some by me, but I will only post the main ones over here~

Thanks for bringing me over and nice meeting you~ Arigato!

And finally....I m just curious if that guy wears a glass, will he looked like a nerd? haha~

Thats all for now~ tata! xD