The all new windows messenger is here!

Yes! Finally the msn messenger is out of beta and it's been released on 1st of October! I have been using it for the 4th Day and here's my review!

What are the changes so far?
1. Awesome interface! Looks good at Windows Vista and 7! Has the fade in and fade out effects!
2. It now combines everything bundled into one! News, live, Bing, FB..... etc!
3. It is now called Windows Live Essentials 2011
4. Emoticons and other interface has been simplified!
5. "Blocked friends" are now called "Appearing offline to"
6. Theme changing is more easier!
7. Can switch between interface! You can switch to the old messenger look or just stick with the new interface!

The new interface. Left side is your status and news feed. The right side is your friends who is online at msn.

Now the user toolbar for msn is combined together, emoticons is easier to get.

You can now see Live updates, same as from the web!

The interface is slightly changed. Mostly now you can see the fade in fade out effects!

What I think about the msn?

Well, its a nice and a great update as windows has come a long way to update and trying to get everything into one. I like the new updates. However there are a few things I dislike...

1. I got confused between the block and unblock...since it was already called "appear offline to".
2. People may not know how to switch between the live interface and the messenger interface.
3. A lot of unnecessary things wobble around the messenger. Which disturbs me.
4. I am curious..... I can't seem to find my messenger user name! I only saw my status bar.
5. Whats the differences between social and msn in the new normal bar?

My ratings:
Interface : 8/10
Graphics and Effects : 9/10
Usability: 5.5/10 (Might be confusing in the first place- not that user friendly, but will get through as I progress)

Overall : 75/100


Anyway, it was really a great update! Hope to hear from you tech guys soon! All the best!So peeps, what do u think about the new messenger?