Good morning Melbourne!

It's been a cold night rushing my assignments at the project hub, and as time goes by, I realized its already 5am! And although my friend invited me to sleep at her house, but I wanted to return home. So I walked from my university to my home at Auburn. And to my astonishment, mists coveted everywhere and I can't even see a thing! Not even the road, only streets lights! And here are some few shots taken from my mobile while walking home~
 Looks like a dead city huh? Well, it's pretty romantic if you are walking back at this hour haha~

 Okay, I was trying to capture a photo of myself but here's the result, funny but hey, I kinda like it!

 yeap, my dark....well, looks scary but I like it, because I can see the stars, but for now, it's very cold! lol
Once I arrived home, I sms-ed my friend, she's a lovely caring person and I miss that kind of feeling hahaha~ well, off to bed now !hahahaha~ nites!