You have been given 365 days, why do I have to complain?

365 days, I think you may say it was a lot of time, but we often complain that there is not enough time, not enough days....but I wanted to share my experience on an incident which I experienced yesterday:

Yesterday while I was at the project hub rushing my assignments, suddenly my phone rang....I picked up the phone call without looking on who was calling and to my astonishment, the person who called was my dad. He asked why I didn't reply his sms, I was a little frustrated and  shocked because I didn't received anything from him and he told me that the sms was 4 days ago and he waited for my reply for days, a little misunderstanding occurred, and we had a small figh..... I ended the call saying that I am busy rushing my assignments and I couldn't Skype tonight. *Beep*....I don't know why I did that, but I quickly realized that It was my mistake and then I stop all my assignments for a while and tried to contact my family back. I apologized to my family and I admit it was my mistake. So who to blame? The telephone service?or myself?or just the time?

I asked myself, if you were a parent, what you will do? Definitely you will be worried about your children even after a few days haven't heard any news from them. Sometimes it's obvious when your parents called at the wrong timing. But you have to ask yourself, how on earth they will know you are busy if you did not notice them?

In life, it's unpredictable and it may sound out of control..... but remember this, it is not beyond your control. So I want you to ask yourself...
A year has 365.242199 days, therefore you have 525 948.766 minutes or 31 556 926 seconds...

Would you spend at least 60 seconds (1 minutes) per day and pray to God?
Would you spend 30 minutes per week to call your family?
Would you spend at least 1 minute to wish your family and your loved ones on special occasions?
Would you spend at least 5 minutes reading this blog?
Would you spend at least 20 minutes to look the photos of your past?

Sometimes, we often took Time for granted and we often forgotten what is the most important to us in our lives.I am grateful that God, my parents, my family, and my friends still care and worried about me....once they were gone, that is not the time for you to regret...and it's too late to say sorry....

Remember, you cannot walk backwards...time is linear, so appreciate what you have now before it's too late.