Assignment(s) Month

Yesh, it's assignments assignments and assignments, a never ending thingy for last month and this month!! While doing my assignments, I visited many friends house, and one of them is a Korean group mate, today is the most fun because we are finishing a game assignment!
 Yeap, drawing drawing and drawing~ hahaha
 And yosh! The Korean energy drink! The taste is good! muahahahaha~
 My lappie which I was in charge of the documentation~
 And my friend, who is in charge of the 3D modelling~
 Yea, its me lols....sleep head
 More more more...enery drink! Need to finish it !!

At 3:32am, this assignment was completed! And my friend invited me top Macdonald's, well after all the hard work, I might as well go and have some cold air......but the cold air i mean is REALLY cold! it's 6 Degrees and we are wearing short pants walking like a penguin lol~ and while walking, I saw this:
Awesome, merge left! hahahaha~

Anyways~ My assignment days are not over yet! Gotta ganbatte and finish my assignment ASAP! =)