Dinner Gathering (Girls Cooking Night)

29th October 2010.  Almost one week after my cooking gathering, it's time for the girls to prepare dinner for us! =P So the theme for the family dinner is .... Tadaaa~ Sushi and Grilled Chicken Dinner!

Scroll down for the photos! hehehe~

Introducing Cynthia and Christine, our main chefs for today!

 Cynthia displaying her Sushi!

 Ah yes, it's Edmund!

 Photo-shooting- Sushi art 1

 Christine, be-careful, someone's behind you!

 Hahaha, want to pose like that meh?

Photo-shooting- Sushi art 2

 What are you fixing oh? This is not engineering la, Mr Howard lols

 Preparing the chicken wings~

 Looks yummy!!

 Yesh! Decorated by me! Muahahahaha~ Sushi Decoration! XD

 The classical but fun star pose! XD Is everyone in there? hehe

 Thanks to the lovely chefs Cynthia and Christine. ^^

 Group photo part 1!

Finally, the final groupie photo! xD

After dinner, Howard went to his friends house but the fun did not end just yet! Therefore we continued our story HERE (Next post- a random night to Melbourne city) !!!