"Family" Lunch's Gathering part 1 (My house)

As usual, I continued my hobby of  cooking for my friends to Australia.....so my house is smaller and eating in groups is only possible in my bedroom but that doesn't stop me from cooking!

So 6 lovely guests visited my house.... Howard, Cynthia, Christine, Shaun, Edmund, and  Fion...plus me....7 people! So how to fit the people in such a small house? Well...dun care~ lolx

Anyway, the dishes I cook has no salt in it! LOLs, so we joke around and play around, Howard came to help too and prepare 2 dishes to add into the lunch course.

I am, in fact very happy that I be able to cook for my friends and it bring back "family, home and reunion"feeling to me once again....come to think of it...It's already 10 years since I left house and to be independent (So-called) =P