Mornington Peninsula outing!

2nd October 2010. As stress, assignment and mid term exams is killing us this month but it doesn't block me and the other lovely church friends from going for a church outing at Mornington Peninsula! Woke up as early as 5am (Feeling too happy to go), the weather is as cold as usual, and yes, bus was at downstairs and my house mate talked to me and don't want to let me out (=.=)

But in the end it's mornington time! hahaha XD I took many photos along the trip~'s some of it below! haha




 The enchanted maze group photo! Weee~


 Hmm....Why so slow one? 
 Wow I saw Superman!
 Cheers, number 4!
 Aloha! XD

 Wahseh, so hot, drink something first XD
Groupie photo!
It was a fun day! And I enjoyed it a lot!
Below is a video I made from the Trip! A combination of my photos and video (^.^) ENJOY!