Portrait of my friends at Melbourne (Part 1)

We are all awesome people, and so does my friends! Here is a compilation of my friends portraits into the famous Chinese 9 box rule- Act 1, part 1 = Melbourne

It was originally used by the Feng Shui masters to locate their house and divide them into nine divisions and each has their own meaning, putting the middle a small pond or lake (EARTH) to ensure good continuousness flow within the family.
We no longer follow the tradition but  the rule of the 9 boxes still continues to fascinate me. In the 9 box rule(九箱之规), it gives 9 different meanings "Tolerate, Faith, Luck, Friendship , Family(Home), Prosperous, Harmony,  Love and Eternity" (忍、福、友爱 ).

Below were some portraits of my friends which was combined into the 9 box rule! Part 1, more coming soon! =)

(First row- Left to right = Cythia, Amy, Christine)
(Second row- Left to right = Howard, Stephanie, Vincent)


It's just my artistic way of saying thanks for being in my life, cheers~ ^^