Portrait of my friends at Melbourne (Part 2)

They are everywhere, close or not close, they are always near to me, no matter where I am, they are God's gifted angels, and I called them friends.

Continued from part 1, here is the rest of the portrait of my friends at Melbourne. Once again, Thank You.

(First row- Left to right = Leslie , Melvin, Shirley)
(Second row-  Isabell )
(Third row - Kon, Christina, Flecher) 


It took me half a decade to be a photographer with my very own camera. To me,  photography is not for showing off your skills on how beautiful your photo is, how good the quality is or how artistic is can be. Photos is my visual diary, and with my extra eyes provided, I can look at the moments, the fun, happiness, laughter, prayers and the memories they had....all being captured in time, and I believe that's the most important because it's a form of art which surpass time. =)
May my visual diary tells the story of the journey of my first met with you till today.