What are you really grateful for?

Everyday I think this in my life....questions such as..... what have you done this week? Having problems this week? Busying assignments? Doing Exams? Having Family problems? Health problems? relationship problems? Friendship problems? There are many problems we often face....and do we neglected the small things which we are grateful of? Imagine that you are working in a grocery, suppose you work until 6pm, but suddenly the manager ask u to stay back and work further....you are stuck in the shop for almost a day, you may be complaining it's tiring, but have you ever think of being grateful that you got this job?

One day, one of my friends told me in a small cell-group gathering, she asked this question "Despite all the problems we have, have you ever be grateful of the power of God?". She explained that, even you are facing problems, there is always a hint tht God is showing us, so be grateful of the small things we have around us, it can be the water, it can be the air you breath, it can be your best friend, your lover, anything and that gratefulness is the key to problem solving and critical thinking. She distributed a small piece of paper and she ask us to write 10 things we are grateful for, anything, as long that it make you feel grateful

I wrote these 10 things which I really grateful of:

1. God
I am being grateful to have God in my life! He is the air that I breathe, He is the water that I drink, He is everything to me. 24/7 he is always with me, no matter how!

2.. Family
Without them, I wouldn't be here. They have poured so much love, care and leadership into my life and I am proud to have a mighty and lovely family. I am being grateful for the love my family gives.

3. Height
Height is not the problem! Although I am quite short for an averaged Asian male, but being short gives me the opportunity to learn more and understand more. So height does not block me from being left out!

4. Friends
It's been 10 years since I  left my home, from Sipitang to Kota Kinabalu, from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur and finally to Melbourne. And my friends are always my 2nd family to me. They come and go, supported or back-stabbed me, but that doesn't matter to me, what matter was I am grateful for them to be in my life.

5. Knowledge
I am grateful for the knowledge I processes. It urge me to learn, understand and grow, allowing me to understand the world better.

6. Memories
The memories I had with everyone, every moment is meaningful to me, even the smallest dinner with 3-4 people was also important to me. Why is that so? Because I live each day creating memories, treasuring each moment.

7. Time
Grateful to time, time is very powerful and secretive...Time always chase us~Time is liner, and cannot run backwards, and it was very important to me because it made me understand on how to appreciate my life better. This is one of the reason of why I love photography =)

8. My travels
I travel a lot, and I love the world, the colors, the culture, the religions, the life of what God has gave~ I want to share my knowledge to my family, and hopefully, my future wife and my children =)

9. The internet
Yes, without this technology, we wouldn't be closer than ever and you won't have a chance to even read this!So I do appreciate it ^^

10. Yesterday, TODAY and Tomorrow
I am being grateful of everyday!Everyday is a different story and the biggest gift you've ever have is today, cause yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may never come.

After posting this, my friends was shocked and they said "You think too much but its a good thing". The moral of what I've learn is,