My 10 years of lame but funny Quote! lols!

See how it evolves....every end of the year, I will put different status ...and how it has evolved.....from hand-drawn cards till Facebook~ It's my famous status , from 2001 - 2011~ haha ( I realized I had been repeating the joke "From this year till next year")!!

I am playing my gameboy color (Pokemon Gold) from last year till next year!
(Source: My New Year wish card - 12 years old)

I will be watching the NHK (Red and White) till next year!
(Source: My New Year wish card - 13 years old)

I will be having BBQ from this year till next year! Seafood here I come!
(Source: Located at the back of the BBQ photo at my house with Charles and friends-14 years old)

SMS from this year till next year!
(Source: My first mobile (Nokia) and my first near year sms sent to friends and family also my first time Drawing on paper massively-15 years old)

I haven't showered from last year from This year!
(Source: This note was kept repeated by my parents but this year I really gone shower after that haha- 16 years old, first time using the internet and sent greeting card massively, My first encounter and interested in Photography)

Updating my Friendster status from this year till next year! muahahahaha
(Source: First time using Friendster to wish people New Year- January 1st, 2006, also my first being interested in Computer Graphic Designs- 17 years old)

Steamboat with family and playing fireworks from last year till this year!
(Source: From a Photo (2007)taken from my family album - 18 years old)

I will sms to the person I liked from this year till next year!
(Source: A message to my first crush, and also the first longest sms ever sent - 19 Years Old)

I am Facebooking from last year till this year! kekekekekekeke~
(Source: My first usage at Facebook - 20 Years old)

I will be updating FB, Twitter and Plurk while playing my guitar and Skyping till next year!
(Source: First time Skyping and chatting with Doreen- a friend from UCSI University , First time using Plurk and Twitter- 21 years old)

I will be celebrating New Year at Australia from last year till next year!
(M so gonna post this at Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, Tumblr and Yahoo!My very first owned DSLR, first touch screen mobile and Lappie and first time celebrating New Year with friends- 22 years old)

As you can see, my age on 2011 should be 23, but because all of the wishes and quote was on 31st December and 1st of January =) so what's yours? haha