11.01.2011...the day I celebrate my designs

From Crap to Heap~the achievements I had done for the past 6 years.....so here is my story.... I started design when my secondary school needed a replacement designer/powerpoint controller for the concert night (After the school's first designer left, I was being elected as the 2nd), and I was elected to do that job...that time I had no idea and no knowledge on how to play with graphics design...and I put my effort  into trying it. And yes, I succeed in making concerts at my secondary school a success ^^

6 years has passed and today marks the exact 6th year anniversary of my years of designing! Hahahaha~

Well, in order to celebrate this, I will be posting designs (wallpaper) for a week and all designs will be EXCLUSIVE and I will upload it in different resolutions. Designs will be uploaded on 12AM (Australian DST+11:00). You can still send your request, anytime! ^^

Please do spread the love around~ I am glad to be able to design for everyone!!