February is coming...

As I am rushing for video editing, assignments,project designs and magazine cover designs, I am looking forward to welcome the Lunar Chinese New Year, which was on February! Although I have classes on that day, but It doesn't stop me from continuing the culture which I am sorta proud of haha~ (Havin being stuck at overseas lol)...and yes, I am still looking for jobs and so far I am still waiting for confirmation from a few firms... (>o<)

The date for this year's lunar Chinese new year was on 3rd and 4th while Valentines day is on the 14th of the same month, whats more, most of my friends birthday is on this month too lol!

I am really happy that a friend from Kuching, which I adored his art very much is visiting Melbourne! And I wish to get a signature from him as a token of remembrance! Weeeee~ so damn happy =P

I do wish I could join venture with him for a small, but meaningful little project! (A mini comic frankly lol)

Well lotsa things to do this February, and here is a calendar which is for next month's (also available at my art blog), feel free to use it as your desktop~ =)

Gotta go now, ciao! XD