The most precious "One Day Present"

It was 5 days before Patrick's Birthday, "Paaaattttrrrriiikkk Kor!" Alice shouted, while running towards Patrick. Alice was just a new friend to Patrick, they meet each other accidentally through Church, they got more closer through social networking and they often call each other brothers and sister and it was only 4 months since they've met.They promised to meet each other at one spot after lectures.

That day, Alice asked Patrick: "Hey Patrick, your birthday is 5 days to go! What present would you like me to give? Tell me or else I'll give you nothing!". Looking at Alice, he suddenly turned silent....a few seconds later he smiled and replied:"Hmm...try you guess?". With minor frustration...Alice hit him softly and yelled at him:"Yeeerrrr, tell me leh...I lazy to think wor...".Patrick then say to her:" Let's msn tonight, I will tell you.". "Promise oh, don't throw airplane!"replied Alice."I will, Alice"..

That night, they meet up at msn...and Alice was the first to nudge him first...but Patrick didn't reply...Alice was a little angry. After 45 minutes of waiting, Alice's  Iphone was ringing, It was Patrick. She answered.

Alice: "Patrick?!! Where are you?You promised that we want to chat tonight right?"
Patrick:" Yes..and here is my answer?"
Alice :" Huh? Why do you need to call me? Why don't we just chat at.."

Patrick cut the conversation

Patrick:" What I want for my birthday is not about presents.I want to ask a silly question"

Alice:" ....erm...ok? Tell me..."

Patrick:" Can you be my girlfriend for just one day?"

Alice (Shocked):" Huh? you'r kidding me?"

Patrick:" Nope I am not kidding"

Alice (After thinking through): "hmm...a strange request, okay then, I'll be your girlfriend for one day then, since I won;t have to spend a single cent on you, haha"

Patrick:" So can we meet tomorrow? Since tomorrow is Saturday"

Alice:" Woah, that's quick! not on your birthday? but since it's your request, ok then, see you tomorrow....what time?"

Patrick:" Same time, same place, thank you very much, Alice"

After that call, Alice's head was full of questions but she wouldn't bother..

The next day,they met at the place as promised, and they really acted as they were couples, they went to cinemas, they went to the fun fair, they even walk by the esplanade holding hands...they took a lot of photos and both of them were having a great time. On that evening, Patrick hand her a note and he told her not to open only during his birthday, she was shocked but she promised him.That night at Alice's doorstep, Patrick kissed her on her forehead, and she turned red, and she thanked Patrick with a shy tone. "No, should be me should be saying thank you, if only this day would be longer and lasts forever....anyways, you better get in! Or else I will shout dirty Alice!". "Ahhhh, u make me beh tahan d! haha, ok lo~ see you!Good night and take care" Alice replied.

The next day....Patrick was nowhere to be seen and even his msn and Facebook was not updated. She wonders where he could have been. She felt angry for him not showing up....she tried to sms him but he did not reply, she called and the same results came to her....she was disappointed...

On the day of Patrick's Birthday, Alice mom received a phone call and she immediately ran into her room. Patrick was diagnosed with Brain Cancer and just passed away. Alice was shocked and she couldn't believe the news she received...immediately she remembered the note that Patrick gave her 4 days earlier...she quickly looked for it, and she quickly opens it and here is what written:

" Dear Alice,

When you read this note means today is my Birthday, I am very sorry that I could not celebrate my birthday today with you and I might be now at somewhere else watching you...

Do you remember? When we are at church, I used to work as a choreographer and a photographer and when I captured a photo of you, you often used your two hands to block my view from capturing you.And here it is, I saw you, sitting right there, a quiet, but interesting girl.At first I taught you were the hardest girl to be in my photos, and I tried all the available methods and skills just to get you. Finally you called me kor because I always pat your head and disturb you at social networking...those were the precious moments.

You may have been looking me, and asking where I went and why I didn't go the Church, I didn't meant to run away from you. I am sorry for not telling you..

Thank you for giving me the chance to be your boyfriend. Although it was just one day, but this is what I always wanted for my birthday present. I may be very selfish but I want to tell you that..."I love you".I was thinking to myself that night that I should have said that with you, so I could be with you. And I am crying because my days were getting closer and closer..but you, taught me to be brave and to appreciate life and your smile in my photos always gave me warmth.

From then on and forever, you were my source of inspiration. You showed me how to love life and live to the fullest. With your simplicity and honesty, you showed me a world full of love and caring. And you made me realize that the most important thing in this life is to continue loving without asking why or how and without setting any limit.And I will miss you. I may be not there to pat you everyday again but I will still sit and talk about the good and bad times we have.

I will always remember, your face, your smile. I will always remember You

Thank you, Alice.

With love,

Tears flowed out from Alice's eyes...

By Kendrick
sorry if my spelling and grammar was wrong, this story was a direct think direct type in =)