My Quote of the Day (09/01/2011)


If u don't ask, no one will know; nor does the your doings of it, will be just be ideas in the mind; if there were no steps taken, it will forever lost in the path of life

Inspiration: This quote was taken from my experiences in my life as a student. Thanks to my friend who translate it to Chinese language. A total of 3 sentence for me to fully complete this one =)

First sentence: If you don't ask, no one will know what you what. Therefore sometimes don't expect something for something, we people have different attitudes and thinkings, don't expect them to be the same just like you!

Second sentence: If you don't do it, your ideas will be a waste. This literary means, don't talk BIG and do nothing. It also emphasizes on everyday's life. Example: You have an idea, and you always wanted to do it, but you are afraid it will fail but you still brag about it with your the end the idea is just swimming in your mind. Couldn't it be so wasting?

Third sentence: If you don't walk (Steps), you will forever lost. I always took life as a pathway, a road or something we should walk. The "Steps" I mean was everything you do, it could be your relationship, your studies, your carrier, anything! You can also relate steps to tasks....therefore...long story cut short, if you don't even start to do your task, in the end you will ended up in regretfulness. Therefore appreciate and do it as soon as possible! =)

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