Plurk hidden emotions revealed!

Recently I have discovered plurk had been updating with special emotions which is called "Hidden".

I have compiled the emotions and post it here~

The Plurk hidden Free Emoticon

(Русский) – (fireworks) – (bzz) – (dance_bzz) - (goal) – (code) – (yarr)

The (xmas) Emotions (Season)

(xmas1) – (xmas2)- (xmas3) - (xmas4)

The (okok) set Families

(gym_okok) – (hungry_okok) – (music_okok) - (yarr_okok) - (wave_okok) – (dance_okok) – (code_okok)

Emotions which were Updated from 26 December 2010:

Seems that @amix has added some new emotions, check this out :

(dance_yarr) - (angry_okok) – (taser_okok) – (no_dance) - (banana_gym)

I don't know why this emotion came, but it seems that Android is invading Plurk~ go android! haha~

Today @amix has shared some anger emotions and it was added into the plurk emotion family! LOL! Use it if you are frustrated!
(fuu)  – (gfuu) – (yay)  – (gyay) – (bah)  – (gbah)  – (troll)

Updated emotions! XD

NEW Valentines Day plurk emoticons!
(v_love), (v_perfume) ; (v_tiffany) ; (v_shy) ; (v_mail)

Updates on this page will be updated frequently, enjoy plurking!