The Chinese New Year Experience at Melbourne!

Guess what? It's finally Chinese New Year.....yea....Chinese New Year....

Nooooo....why got work and class?!!!Miaaaoooo~

Okay, It wasn't that Kua Zhang lar~anyways, yesterday went to Dennis and Donna's house for dinner. And I am touched and almost cry after seeing the BIG dinner table which was full of dishes, thanks to them, I really had a great time!
What's more? I received my very first Angpow!! Weeee~
Right to left (Me, Christopher and Samo)
Photos courtesy by Cecelia

Well, things at Australia is a new experience to me, I am blogging this all away from my lab at University (Lecture havin a break for 30 minutes due to non stop class!!)

I hope this year will eb a great one! Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year Peeps!