My 3 minute video footage

Sorry for the blurry footage~ This video was used for my video testing footage.The video is shot in different places throughout Melbourne, Victoria. Areas covered is the Tulip festival, Lilydale, Mornington Perninsula, My University, My apartment, the Melbourne Show and my friends capture the sunset of Melbourne.

The Story is unplanned, telling a story 2 couples having fun at Victoria....and it focuses more on testing of the video and it's effects. The theme...well...some sort of tourism attraction video. =)

The song "my time with you" is sang by from David Choi and Kina Grannis....and I am a loyal fan to both of them!

Do support David Choi here:

Not to forget Kina Grannis!

You can view their MV over here:

Hope you like it! Cheers!

Many thanks to my friend who agreed to be in the video, especially Vincent, Sasa, Kon and Christina. Not to forget Howard, Amy, Christine, Edmund and Cynthia. Thanks to my university too for giving me the chance to shot~

Disclaimer: This video is not for commercial use and only for video testing purpose only.