The Board of life

We humans are complicated beings, we think too much and we are the only being in this planet that has the ability to create real-life fossils, wage war and played DOTA games at home were some summary that I wanted to share long time ago which I think we need to understand :)

The most prized possession: INTEGRITY.

The most worthless emotion: SELF PITY.

Human deadliest weapon: TONGUE.

The most destructive habit: WORRY.

The most crippling disease: EXCUSES.

The greatest problem to overcome: FEAR.

The greatest natural resource: YOUTH.

The ugliest personality trait: SELFISHNESS.

Our greatest asset: FAITH.

The worst thing to be without: HOPE.

The most satisfying work: HELPING OTHERS.

The most powerful force in life: LOVE.

The most natural happiness people give and take : CARE 

The greatest joy: GIVING.

The thing people often complain about : LIFE

As complicated we are~ we still live one , make ur life as happy as possible, even it's sad, be with the people who made u smile ^^