Memories at Australia

This video was finally uploaded - a total of 8 minutes that show the whole process of my photos and memories captured at Australia from 2010-2011. Here were some quotes from my lovely friends, churchmates, there were many more but I listed out a few below (Some were modified a little but the meaning is still the same):

I am sure that we will remember you, and you not forget us and our fellowship and church. - Grace

Thank you for all of your advice and "Teachings" throughout these months, I am really grateful to have met you. - Angeline Hii

Pang Yau !!! Thank you for everything! - Mian Mian

You have taught me many things, really thank you very much - Joanne Lau

You have guide us to many places, I taught you were already 10 years at Australia, such a nice friend! Keep in touch bro! - Darren

Do remember us when you are apart from us, I ran over to your graduation just to see you! - Pou

You are a kind and good friend, remember to call us when you are nearby us and we go for a drink! - Andrew

I wish you all the best and remember to have faith in God. - Yuan Jie

I will not cry, because I want you to remember my smiling face when you leave us, not my sad face. - Stephanie Ngu

Continue to serve God, you are given special talents, a talent to make people smile and laugh, please do spread your talent to the kingdom of God and continue to make other people smile again, you are a great and special person, Kendrick - Mr Philip Ting

Kai xin Ma? yao tian tian kai xin! Li kai wo men hou dou yao ji de wo men! - MrWee

There were many things I would like to learn from you, but time is too short, may we keep in touch and always have faith in God - S.K

Brooooo! Keep in touch ya! and do visit us at Sibu when we are around! - Ah Ben

I wish you all the best, in your future and your road, let God guide you - Issac Ling

Things u do in melb will always be remembered dude.. u are away but im pretty sure u kept a few of ur kendy (candy) in most of our pockets! lol -Melvin Chiew

I am glad that I met you and we became friends. Enjoy HOME, you deserve it! - Emily Yii

We just met after 4 years, it was such a blessing that you are hear to help - Howard Woo

and many many more.....

Your quotes will always be remembered and me too, will remember this...thank you for everything!

Wonderful words will be too few and inadequate....but I will always remember the moments!