Blogger has been updated! XD

New Blogger's interface....old stuff, new experience! Well, at first I was a little shock to see the new interface, which was exactly the same as Google+, well it speeds up my understanding on how to use the new interface at Blogger, here is somehow what I know

1. Shows your blogs which you have opened and it shows the page views and the number of posts you have already posted. The best part is you can now know directly how many followers has followed you.

2. This has the same interface as Google +, when u click on the left side of the button, it will direct you to the posts you have posted. there you can manage your draft, edit or delete your posts. On the right side is a drop down menu to - Overview , Pages, Comments ,Stats, Earnings, Layout, Template, Settings (Same like the previous design, it has all the menu to your settings especially changing your template and layout design)  

3. Same as Google+, this menu let you edit your account profile and your blogger profile and also the link where you can sign out.

4. This is mainly the blogger's setting. You can also change your notifications here at the notification settings and to seek help.

5 and 6 . Like the previous blog, you can read the blogs you have followed and added into the list. Now you can also read all of these at Google Reader.

Overall: I am pretty happy that Google's blogger has been expanding and it has improved a lot. Had been using blogger since 2006 and it continues to fascinate me! Go blogger! :)