Sayonara Miao Miao City!

Am leaving Kuching and heading back to Sabah today... man...I hate goodbyes (=.=) ~ but anyways, being at Kuching has been fun and exciting (and I really meant it) ! And there were many places I've visited (photos will be uploaded soon...too many), and although just one week, but it was worth the visit!
Nice photos captured at Kado

I had been Jalan-Jalan cari makan~ate kolomee, laksa, Teh C Peng and many many delicious foods!
Visiting places of interest~ many many le~
Have fun at Damai Beach with the "Bird group" and having class at Swinburne Sarawak with the "K.A.T.A.K group"!
Capturing countless photos~ with everyone!

And celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival! XD

Some of the compiled group photos

Special thanks to Cynthia for arranging the whole trip, Ming Chu for providing informative suggestions about Kuching. Not to forget Siong He, Kheng Shin, Natalius, Amy, Kon, Edmund, Christina, Christine, Howard, Geraldine, Shaun, Shiau Jiun, Emily Lo and many many more... :)

Last but not least, thanks Sheng Han and family for providing the hospitality, transportation and accommodation! Sheng Han has been bringing me around Kuching and thanks to him, I visited a lot of places~ Awesomeness!!
Group photo with Sheng Han and Family

This trip was really memorable and fun! I wish I will visit this place again~ Once again, I would like to thank everyone, keep in touch and If you wanna visit my hometown, my doors are always open!! (^.^)

Miss you all and Kuching Rocks!