How long will I wait?

As some of you know, the project final semester 2011 which was taken at Melbourne earlier this year's video is yet to come and it's still in below was the poster for this project! The estimate publishing date will be on the 1st November 2011, so stay tuned for any updates! :)

Here's some Q & A about this project:

Q: Why it is called Project Final Semester? 
A: It is called project final semester because It's my final semester before graduating, therefore I took the whole final semester and capture at least a photo a day till I left Melbourne, Australia.

Q: Did you miss any shot during your project?
A: Apparently no, but I manage to shot at least one and upload it for the next day.

Q: Most photos you captured is mostly about Natsuko, what's about her?
A: Natsuko was apparently my companion or model , to know more about her, visit her BIO page and this page on how I adopt her. She represents a girl which i met and care about ;)

Q: You always come out videos at least 2-3 weeks after an event, why this time it's long?
A: Well...15,800 photos is a lot! And I don't simply put it and let it generate, you know what I mean :)

Q: Why 158? Is 158 important to you?
A: Well, no, it was the total day I counted from day one of my final semester till the day I leave Australia, nothing specific about it.

And here's 5 main facts about this project:
1. This project takes about 158 days to complete, 158 places visited and 15,800 photos captured during the process!
2. Took about 4 months and 5 days from March till August 2011.
3. 60% of the photos were photos of friends, events and trips.
4. Location taken were mostly at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
5. All photos can be seen at the Kendspiration photoblog :)

Anyways, if you haven;t see the trailer of this project, you can see it at Youtune here :

Anyways, wish me luck!