It's! Teehee!

Finally It's Friday the.....18th!  
What will you do for the upcoming weekends? Going for a movie? Going to travel? Or just plan to stay at home and rest? Well, no matter what's your plan, do share with us!

As for me....hmm...
well, I plan to film a Music Video and this time my friend, Tan Chee Hao is going to sing :)

Which cover song I am planning to film? Guess below! Choose only 1!!

  1. 爱笑的眼睛 (Chinese)
  2. Opera 2 (Russian)
  3. When You Say Nothing At All (English)
  4. 你是我的眼 (Chinese)
  5. Sempurna (Bahasa Melayu)
  6. 当你 (Chinese)

If you guess it correctly, your name will be featured in the MV as a token of thanks  :D

Reply as comments below this blog post- answers will be announced this Sunday ;)

Good Luck!