What's in your Dream?

Dreams can be sweet, dreams can be lovely...but sometimes....It could be scary as well. No matter what's your dream is, dream occurred when your brain goes into deep sleep and somehow creates a unique wave which makes you dream. 

Here some stuff about Dreams:

Repeating dreams (Bad or Good): This could occur because of your anxiety, worrying, stress, tired, emotional disturbed, or depression. commonly repeated dreams were bad ones. If it is a good one, means you really hope for it because you're facing something bad in the "Real World".

De-Ja Vu Dreams: This is extreamly rare but most people claimed to have dreamed about it. De-Ja Vu dreams (Or some people called it "Prediction dream" or "accidentally dreams") is the term you dreamed something, an event, a incident or a time which occurred before and you experienced it while you are not sleeping or in other words -In the real world. This may occur if the person have strong physic mind. 

There were other types of dreams which I would like to share but yea....I m so the sleepy.... :P